We got a chance to interview model Nick Gross. He is the guy in both the Red Light videos for Gregg Homme. We just posted part 2 today. If you haven’t seen it go watch it then read the interview.

The videos for Gregg Homme are very sexy, how did the shoot for the two videos go?

The video shoot was a great time. Everyone involved was professional and fun to work with, which to me is key: 16-hour days can be gruelling, no matter what your job is, so it really makes things that much easier when everyone brings great, positive energy. I’m a bit of a perfectionist myself, so I totally understand the idea of things not being done until they’re done. It is important that I be satisfied that everyone is happy with a take before moving on, and that at the end of the day, someone’s vision has been brought to life. All in all, fun times. Shout out to all those involved!

The story line has a twist (which we won’t give, watch the videos) can you give a brief overview of the two videos?

Well, I’ll try to give my interpretation of the story without giving away any spoilers. At the start of the video, I wander into this private, Eyes-Wide-Shut-style party, complete with masks and racy cutaway leather lingerie. I quickly ease into my surroundings, getting undressed amidst the undulating bodies that surround me. In of a corner, a couple catches my eye; clearly I’m no stranger to this kind of thing, and I know exactly what I want. After a few exchanged glances in the service of an unspoken desire, the girl pushes me to the ground, where I’m left writhing with pleasure. It would seem I have quite the exhibitionist streak. So far, everything is going according to plan. Then, out of the blue, a pair of shadowy hooded figures seize me and bind me in leather handcuffs. I’m locked in what is essentially a large bird cage, presumably under the gaze of all the revellers, and so I decide to put on a show for them. When life gives you lemons… After this, there are a few twists and turns which I probably shouldn’t reveal, so let’s just say that my goal is to somehow make it out of the cage and to find my way back to the mysterious couple who led me down this path in the first place. Were they even real?
I think the video works on a few levels: there certainly is a narrative, however it remains loose enough so as to be pretty open to interpretation, allowing the viewer to ultimately read into it in any way he or she pleases. Really, to me, though, the video is a cross-section of different types of sexual fantasy, and hints at how they can come together or clash in interesting and unexpected ways. Things are not always as they seem!

Anything you can share about the shoot? (anything funny, or such happen)

I might have an NSFW story or two J… Let’s just say that Youtube has certain criteria restricting what you can show in videos it hosts, and a few scenes with some of the other scantily-clad actors led to me having to ice myself down before we could proceed with the shooting… Use your imaginations, folks!

Also, speaking of icing, by the end of the day my head was literally covered in bumps from hitting my head on that damn cage when exiting it… Seriously, I must have done this at least five times. The crew got to hear me swear in like 3 different languages!

Since you did a shoot for Gregg Homme, do you have a favorite pair?

I’m not gonna lie, I really liked the Xcess. Definitely something I would break out on special occasions. Also, I need to give the Stripper model a mention; it’s just so fun and quirky (and comfortable! trust me) that it is something I can see myself wearing very often.

Where can our readers find you?

Well, my long overdue website should be out early next year, my academic schedule permitting (it’s going to showcase my modeling work as well as my l33t blogging skillz), but until then, I’m usually out partying it up in various Montreal hotspots (and even not-so-hotspots) on weekends, so if you see me come over and say hi!


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