This is the year of the jock! So we proclaimed earlier this year, and so far I don’t think it’s been wrong. ABC Underwear has sent us a lot of undies, some you have already seen reviewed, and I got to review their Odysseus Roman Tie Jock. It is a really cool jock and similar to the Marco jock that Alex reviewed on video a few weeks back. The biggest difference is that it has a lace-up front!

When I first saw Alex’s review, I was very curious as to how a jock like this would be for daily wear. I have tried lace-up underwear before and it didn’t go so well. The lace up part never really creates a great pouch; it always fits strange and usually has annoyed me after a few hours (and I’m being generous by saying hours).

The Odysseus Roman Tie Jock was different. I wore it out for a day of full errands. I knew this would either be great or end in disaster. The pouch on the jock is a full pouch, which really surprised me; it doesn’t lace all the way down. I got a red and yellow one. Both are really fun colors for a jock and would be great for a night out or a really fun date pair.

I really liked this, the pouch fit great. The waistband was very old school and 3 inches (it’s not often you see those). If you saw the video review with Alex, the jock had some extra space in the pouch, this one however fit great. I will definitely be wearing it often!


  • Love the red and yellow
  • Laces didn’t make it hard to wear


  • Wish it had a more “traditional jock pouch” mesh material









Daily Wear




*OUT of 5*



These were furnished for review by ABC Underwear.



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