SEXY OR SIZZLING: NEW PPU JOCKS NOW AT JOCKSTRAP CENTRALWhether it’s a comfort jock to wear throughout your daily grind or a totally hot in-your-face bulge enhancing jock for your nightly grind – Jockstrap Central has got you covered (well only partly if you’re wearing the Out Front Jock.)


One of Jockstrap Central’s best selling, stylish and comfortable jockstraps is PPU’s original jockstrap. It was already pretty phenomenal but PPU has now improving it and added 5 new color combinations.

Sure, version 2.0 still has their signature leg strap design but improvements include not only a higher quality durable waistband with a new tastefully subtle embossed PPU logo woven into the threads but also a better quality cotton pouch and leg strap elastic.

These are some of the most comfortable jocks out and with it’s unique leg straps that attach to the pouch and runs parallel to the waistband, one of the most stylish as well.


(I’m sure I don’t have to mention that although the naughty bits are pixelated in the above photo, they are always on display at Jockstrap Central. See the jocks exactly as they were meant to be!)

PPU didn’t have a name for this totally outrageous and totally hot jockstrap so Jockstrap Central christened it the Out Front Jock simply for the way your boys are put out there for all to see.

This enhancing jock is comprised of a 1.5 inch wide waistband with a very unique leg strap design: There’s actually two 3/4 inch straps both attached to the waistband at the same spot on both the left and right sides. You step into the cross formed by the leg straps so essentially, each strap travels from the front of each leg, running down under your crotch and then back around to the opposite ass cheek.

If that weren’t sexy enough, a handy thin strap is suspended from the front of the waistband. This goes around your meat and two veg to ensure they’re lifted up and proudly put on display. Jockstrap Central has the Out Front Jocks in four great colors.”

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