I posted this on Facebook today and it got me thinking. (If you haven’t watched the ad, please do so now). I posed the question that is the mainstream media scared of men’s underwear ads? Which is ironic to ask since our last Podcast with Freshpair.com, Matthew said that when FreshPair.com first started to advertise they were limited as to what they could post.

This is, for all I know, the first men’s underwear ad ever in the Super Bowl. So, for that we have come a long way and hope we have a more men’s underwear ads in the big game and other mainstream shows. However, that said, they barely showed the underwear, and no direct front shot. They just did a partial shot or one from behind. Maybe it was for artistic intent, but I think it’s more, “lets not offend America.”

I am curious as to what you guys think of the ad. Is the media scared of men’s underwear? If so why do you think that? Also, do you think we’ll see more underwear ads? Did you get a picture of what the new Bodywear line will consist of? Basically, is America ready for Men’s Underwear ads? What companies do you want to see advertise on TV? Rate how well H&M did with the ad.


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