I was lucky enough to get a copy of “Trunk Show: Swimwear Inspires Art” by Jason Salzenstein to review. I was really looking forward to seeing it, because I bought Jason’s last book “Brief Encounters.”  The two books are set up very similar, divided into two parts. The first part is about swimwear companies and the second part is showcasing photographers.

The first part of the books is about companies doing great swimwear. Jason has written up all the companies in the book and included a picture or few from recent campaigns. One of the most notable are ES Collection. ES Collection is a brand we profile a lot in our Brief Distractions. They have always done incredible photographer, not only for swimwear but for everything they sell. Other brands featured in the book include aussieBum, Baskit, 2EROS, CA-RIO-CA and more.

The second part features photographers who have done some incredible work with swimwear. Photographers in the book include Karim Konrad, Pedro Virgil Alan Spiers and more. Each photographer has at least two pics showcasing their talent. Some of the pics you may have seen out on the net. This is true if you are familiar with the photographers. The section Dean Stockings features Timoteo and have made it to be our Brief Distractions. I know he didn’t get every photographer to participate, but would have been great to see a few more photogs in there.

I really liked the book. Its a great way to celebrate men’s swimwear. The details are just a great overview of the companies. I think a super detailed and in depth profile (sort of like a Vanity Fair style) would be too much. The profiles are just the right length. I think the photography section could be a little longer, but that is my only complaint, which is a minor one! I know what it’s like to negotiate pictures and try to use them. Even with out more pictures it’s a great overview of the men’s swimwear industry.

We interviewed Jason a few weeks ago when the book came out. You can click the link and go read it. We will have him on a podcast soon, we just have to work out our schedules.

I would rate the book a 4.5 out of 5. It is definitely well worth the price. You can pick this up at the Bruno Gmünder site (who is the publisher) or you can get some good deals at Amazon if you keep checking. Currently it’s just over $24 on Amazon.


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