Modus Vivendi is an exciting company from Greece with a wonderful website and fantastic products!  While there is a large selection of all types of underwear, most of the pairs are fashioned after the Greek gods with several styles representing each god.  I found each god to have an exciting selection of underwear, but the Zeus jockstrap caught my eye from the beginning.  Without hesitation, it was the one I had to try!

The Zeus Natural jockstrap comes in a natural coloring with extraordinary touches.  The waistband is approximately 3.5 inches in width and is very comfortable and slightly stretchy.  Along the front of the waistband and above the pouch is a piece of brown leatherlike material.  This adds to the design and brings just the right touch to make the jockstrap more earthy in conjunction with the natural coloring.  On the back of the waistband is a piece of fabric that has a hand drawing of Zeus on it.  The leg bands are the same nautral coloring as the waistband and the pouch and are pieces of rope that have knots tied in them where they join the waistband.  This was an exciting touch to an already great pair of underwear.  The same leatherlike piece of material is on the bottom of the pouch and fits comfortalby behind your package with the rope leg straps threaded through it.  The comfortable and ample pouch is a ribbed pouch that is pieced together with an exposed seam.  It seems everything that went into designing and making this pair of underwear was thought out thoroughly.

The fabric is 94% Cotton, and 6% Elastane.  This selection of materials created a slightly stretchy fabric, but one that holds its shape and molds to the body.  The leg openings were perfectly sized with adjustable rope legsstraps.  Overall, I was pleased with the fit, but with all European undies, you may want to order one size up or refer to their sizing chart to find your perfect fit.

I wore this on standard days of general daily activity and shopping.  This jockstrap was very comfortable and felt perfect against my body with no tightness issues.  The fabric was soft with a nicely sized waistband width for a jockstrap.  My khaki pants and my jeans had no issue with clinging to the undies or pulling at them during the day due to the fabric.  Modus Vivendi has these on their website for the cost of $44.67.  Now, this is rather pricey for most of us, but it is worth the cost!  I love this jockstrap and all of the Modus Vivendi products.  This jockstrap may be thought of as the prize piece in your collection, or a special occasion pair of underwear.  I can imagine someone wearing this to an underwear contest, underwear party, or club and totally having all the attention.


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This pair was furnished by Modus Vivendi for review


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