McKillop U/W has really expanded their line up of underwear this year. As we have said they have always been known for their jocks, but they are looking to be known as a full underwear company. The lines they have expanded look great and if they fit as well as the jocks we predict them to be a hit! Here is what they told us about the new line.

Craftsmanship – Our New Collections have been redesigned with old world craftsmanship in mind, many of our styles especially Elevate are not made with mass production techniques. Many of our competitors wouldn’t dare to make the time consuming items that we make here at Mckillop UW. We are not interested in cutting corners; we are interested in making the best. Because these items are so intricately constructed our price point is a bit higher then in previous years but we are targeting a market that appreciates the finer things in life. Our Products are cut by hand, Pinned & caulked to precise measurements. We manufacture our elastics on a monthly small quantity bases because what most don’t know is that elastic looses quality and we offer a longer lasting item.  Most briefs in the market today are fully computer automated sewing both legs at the same time on automated machines whereas ours are only made with human hands. This also helps us achieve our goal of bringing work back to North America, We are very proud to re-launch our brand in this way and we are happy you are on this journey with us.

Elevate – This collection is really unique with the first ever “-Real” butt lifting jock and the E brief; many companies have claimed to lift your assets but the thin elastic just doesn’t cut it. We have just shy of 2” of elastic running continuously from left to right like underwire which pulls you up, Also this elastic creates a smaller fabric area which gives the optical illusion of a small butt as your eye is drawn to the centre of the fabric and not the whole behind region.

Our 2012 version of our most popular item, our pouch is very new, this almost didn’t get released due to the fact that it gives you an obscene bulge, its like nothing we have made before and will really get you noticed. This item was finally launched due to an online poll of our customers and they said more bulge the better, so we shall see!

Daily Basics – This Collection is the jewel in the Mckillop crown, we set out to design the most comfortable collection of Briefs and Boxers and we have done just that! Our Daily Collection as a whole has every item possible from a jock to briefs to long johns and Pjs, all made from our signature modal. Our Daily collection is not an enhancement product but it is the most ergonomic collection on the market today. We have added plush 3/4” elastic around the legs (Briefs and Boxers) to make sure it doesn’t ride up and give full rear coverage (anything below the knee has 3/8” elastic, non of our Daily items are just hemmed (Pjs Excluded) . Every item in this collection has the same brief cut in the design so when someone knows the brief fits like a glove they will also know that the long johns and all of our other lengths will too. We are not joking when we say you will want 7 for every day!

The Traveller – This collection is a deconstructed brief and trunk design, using the minimum seams and thickness as possible. This collection is like a second skin that you barely notice is there, but gives you just enough support to get you through the day. This collection started as a jock or a pouch cover for the winter months, it was designed that where the waistband of the Traveller ends the Pouch elastic starts. Once constructed, we knew that limited to winter months was not in the best interest of our customers, so we thought bigger. The reason we came up with the name The Traveller is because after creating this item we found that it was so small that it rolled up into the size of a golf ball. What a perfect thing for packing on holiday whereas with packing “every inch counts.” These are sold on their own and with a Pouch combo.

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