C-IN2 announces it’s new “FILTHY” underwear collection.  The homepage at C-IN2.com states, “Get FILTHY March 9th, 2012.  It also uses the risqué double entendre, “Clean is for pussies!”  The dedicated “FILTHY” page goes on to to describe the new line as, “When comparing squeaky clean to filthy dirty, one is definitely more sexy!  Filthy is a collection of textured fabrics that have been hand-rubbed with pigments and dyes to give a dirty worn-in, worked-in look.  Giving credit to just plain hard work, Filthy was born.  If you work hard, sweat and like getting filthy dirty, C-IN2 lets you flaunt it.”

Are you “FILTHY” minded?  Check C-IN2.com and be among the first to get their hands on (or assets in) something “FILTHY!”

C-IN2’s Creative Director Gregory Sovell, who incidentally is the founder of 2(x)ist and later moved on to open his next underwear brand: C-IN2, hinted at what was coming down the pipeline.  “I always thought that the concept of ‘Dirty’ might be sexier than the notion of ‘Clean” the designer mentioned in a Racked.com interview last October.  We were also treated to the steamy PAROLE video shoot by Rick Day in C-IN2’s continuing saga of when law enforcement and sexy bad boys meet.  In the video, snippets of hot models as parole violators in a trailer home park were being rounded up and arrested wearing their “FILTHY” underwear.  The sexy bad boys who wore the “FILTHY” briefs were: Tattooed Diogo De Castro Gomes: Bulging Anthony Gallo: and Super Sexy Chris Whelan.


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