My second pair of lacey undies left a far better impression on me than the first. The lace jockstrap that I tried out last week left a negative first impression of lace undies. This very untraditional boyshort comes in red, black, and white (I reviewed red) and is made up of 85% nylon, 15% spandex.

The comfort level was the biggest surprise to me. They don’t look at all comfortable, and I thought I would spend all day itching at hair getting stuck in the lace and readjusting, but luckily I was very easily able to forget that I was even wearing them, a characteristic of every good pair of underwear.

Lookwise, it’s on the way to being attractive, but it’s still not quite there for me. I love the concept, but the execution lacks in my eye, the biggest negative being the metal medallions on each strap of the sides of the underwear. They look great on the package, but out of the package look more like plastic. I was unable to easily remove the medallions (I don’t have anything to cut through metal in the house), but they seem unnecessary. I have to say though that the way that the underwear hugs the rear makes a fantastic outline of the bottom of the um… bottom. The rear view is very hot!

Available from the MaleBasics website for $19.50, the MaleBasics Lacie Boyshort hasn’t quite given me the incredible lacey experience that I’ve been hoping for since I first learned about them, but besides the great price, they’ve started to leave me feeling positive for the future of lace undies.



  • Comfortable
  • Unique lacey design
  • Rear hugging


  • The medallions
  • Price









Daily Wear



*OUT of 5*


These were furnished for review by MaleBasics. They are for sale for $19.50


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