Bum-Chums is quite adorable in their approach to underwear shopping (even their little tushy logo is cute). I was sent a pair of Bum-chums to review, and low and behold, this hilarious pair of undies came into my life.

At first glance, it looks like a space suit turned into a trunk. After reading that the pair was Bum-chums’  “Moon Pants” hipster, I realized they lived up to the name perfectly. Without further ado, I slipped the hipster on.

I was surprised at how soft the inside felt compared to the shiny metallic layer on the outside of the nylon/lycra fabric.  The hipster (aka trunk) fit very nicely in my allocated size, and hugged my butt firmly (the Brand knows what it’s doing), and had a nice amount of room in the front, I might even say verging on a little baggy.

As I said for a metallic underwear, they are very comfy to wear, but the Bum-chums site states that the Celestial (metallic) collection should be considered “Occasional” wear, because with too much heavy wear, the metallic finish might “tarnish” (read: rub off), and they won’t look as Moon-y.

The waistband was very nicely sewn onto the metallic fabric, leaving no uncomfortable metallic edged seam to rub against your hips. The cut on the undies has a seam up the back for more contouring on the “bum”, while the front has an inset two-panel pouch.  The waistband also has a branding label sewn to the outside of the Left front hip. It’s a nice idea putting the uncomfortable tag on the outside, but it’s visually a little uncalled for.

Price-wise, for roughly 20$ USD, it’s not a bad price for such a cute pair.


  • Super fun metallic look.
  • Really comfortable.
  • Well cut in the bum area.


  • Not as great fit in the front pouch area.
  • Not great for daily use (mind you, wearing silver undies daily might be a bit much anyway).
Fit 3.5
Materials 4
Construction 4
Look 4
Daily Wear 2*


*OUT OF 5*

*because of the inability for daily wear

These were furnished for review by Bum-Chums and can be purchased at their site, http://www.bum-chums.com


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