It’s an itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow…banana hammock? That was my first reaction to the fluorescent yellow Cover Male jock strap.  Upon first look, it doesn’t even appear to be large enough to cover even the smallest of men. I am happy to say my first reactions were incorrect. As I stepped into the jock strap, I found it quite comfortable and extremely sexy. The wide, soft waist band and straps make it comfortable along the legs and hips while the 83% polyester and 17% Spandex pouch hold much more than you would think.

The pouch is shaped perfectly to hold even the largest package with its stretchy material and nicely places stitching. There is one negative though, you have to wear your package facing down. If you face it the wrong way, you will find nothing fits in this piece.

Available in nine colors from black to yellow and sizes small to x-large, you can find a pair of this underwear in your favorite shade. One downside is that the materials require that this underwear be machine washed and lay flat to dry. It is difficult to remember to take these out of the laundry to dry. That being said, I forgotten both times I have washed it. It still looks as great as when it came out of the package.

All in all a great brief, easy to wear, and  very sexy to the eye. It receives a definite positive review from me, especially when I am looking to be as skimpy as possible.


  • Coloring
  • Fabric
  • Sex Appeal


  • Care Instructions
  • Specifies how I wear it









Daily Wear




*OUT of 5*


You can find more information on the Cover Male site, including where to buy.



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