I’ve been dying for months to try out some of the new lace underwear made for men. I love the idea of male lingerie, and I love the playful blend and balance of the masculine with the feminine. One of my favorite photographers Thomas Synammon has an incredible project called Leather and Lace, which completely lends itself to this balance. So when I heard that I’d be receiving the MaleBasics Lace Jockstrap made of 85% nylon, 15% spandex, I was excited to say the least! Available in red, white, and black (I reviewed black), the idea of the masculine jockstrap balanced with the femininity of the lace, sounded perfect!

I tested the jockstrap on a work day that finished at the gym. I had some minor issues at work such as the straps rolling (there’s no elastic holding them in place), and a little bit of trouble with hair getting caught in the paisley patterning, but for the most part, I was able to look past the minor discomforts. At the gym however, I realized that although this is a jockstrap, it is not meant for active use. The straps rolled non-stop, they didn’t breathe very well, and more trouble with hair getting caught.

This was a great first try by MaleBasics at blending the masculine and feminine, but there were a few other things that MaleBasics needs to fix in their next iteration… besides the straps that kept rolling (it would be great to maybe put a little elastic in them to keep them in place), my biggest issue is with the construction of the underwear. At least on the pair that I received, there were loose strings hanging off all over. Because of how delicate the underwear is, I was afraid to pull on them, so they’re still hanging off. On a side note, it would be great if MaleBasics could find a way to make them machine washable (they are hand-wash only).

The concept is definitely there though. I plan on examining other types of lace underwear, as well as reexamining MaleBasics if/when they come out with their next iteration!



  • Great concept!
  • Balance of masculine and feminine
  • Minus the loose strings, they look fantastic


  • Rolling up of the straps
  • Construction issues









Daily Wear



*OUT of 5*


This pair was furnished for review by MaleBasics. You can get this from their site for $18.99.


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