Pistol Pete has a very big swimwear collection, what has been some of the inspirations for coming up with them?
In each collection, we research fashion trends from all over the world.  We strive to cover the full spectrum of styles and fabrications.  Each collection offers a variety of sporty, retro, and classic looks.

Belts have been big in this collection what made you include them on suits?
Pistol Pete’s signature style is the belted swimsuit.  We have always been incredibly fond of vintage looks from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s and we wanted to bring that clean sophistication from those eras into each collection.

What suits have been your best sellers so for this season?
Without a doubt, our belted suits such as the Nouveau, Titan, Cruise, and Aviator.   In addition, our sporty swimsuits such as the All Star Lace Ups and Jock color block suits are big hits.

What should guys look for when buying new swimwear for this year?
Unique pieces, colors, and prints that truly convey their own style.   The colors/prints, as well as, the length of a swimsuit says a lot about a person’s personality.

Are there trends you are seeing in swimwear this year and into next year?
Colorful plaid prints.   And swimwear with clever accents such as hardware, charms, pipings, and zippers.

This past Magic you did a really fun show with instinct magazine, Are we going to see something fun in August just as fun?
Pistol Pete is sponsoring Temptation Sundays Pool Parties at the Luxor Las Vegas all summer.  Each week, the crowd will pick their favorite swimsuit hottie who will be photographed in a Pistol Pete swimsuit and placed online at instinctmagazine.com for everyone to checkout.  On Sunday, August 19 (at the kickoff to August Magic), all the weekly winners will participate in a Pistol Pete fashion show at the Luxor Temptation Sunday Pool Party.  A judge from Pistol Pete, Instinct Magazine, and The Luxor Las Vegas will select one winner who will win various trips, prizes, and a chance of becoming the gay model for Luxor’s gay marketing campaigns.

Find all these suits at http://www.pistolpete.com


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