I am reviewing this fantastic Glory String thong by Gregg Homme. This black thong is made of 76% Nylon and 24% Spandex. The waistband and straps around the pouch has the look of rubber or leather. The straps framing the pouch fit perfectly. It seemed as if I had gone to a fitting to have this underwear built for me because the waistband was such a perfect fit. The thong strap was another piece of spandex but with a matte finish and  has more stretch to it than the waistband. The pouch is a very thin and luxuriously soft spandex and seemed like it was a miliskin spandex but the label doesn’t specify. Overall, the materials were a great combination to create this thong. The first thing i did was remove the big white tag sticking out of the back of the waistband. Its easy to rip off and I suggest you do that before wearing them.

So when I put on this thong it immediately felt like it was a second skin and I was going to really put it to the test. First stop was the gym. I did my usual routine of weights, core and running. It doesn’t happen often but I forgot that I had on this thong. The pouch is so soft and stretchy that I never needed to adjust and it is engineered to really hold you in place. After the gym I had tickets to see an Off Broadway show. This is usually the real test for me with a thong. If I can sit through two and a half hours without any discomfort than I know a thong is a keeper and it passed this test. After the show I spent a few hours hanging out with friends before heading home. If Gregg Homme made more color options I might just wear this style everyday. When I got home there was more activity with the thong but this isn’t that kind of site. But let’s just say everyone liked it.

Every guy who is an underwear enthusiast should have own some staple brands in their collection. Some might be more expensive than others but I can’t urge you more to make sure that you have at least one pair of Gregg Homme’s underwear in your drawer. As a man that wears thongs I have always admired the collections they design. There is a masculinity in their work even when it is just a few skimpy straps. I can be very picky when it comes to my thongs. They need to be comfortable, well designed, made from good materials and the craftsmanship needs to be excellent. The Glory String is all that and it still conveys a sensual masculinity. This is not my first pair of Gregg Homme and it certainly won’t be my last.

  • Great materials
  • Great design
  • Very comfortable


  • It only comes in one color.
  • Tag sewn into back of waistband could be eliminated or made smaller.
Fit  5
Material  5
Construction  5
Look  5
Daily Wear  5
Overall  5

Overall : 5This pair was furnished by Gregg Homme and is available for $27.95 at their site.


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