Gregg Homme’s own website stated it best. This piece is “blisteringly sexy”. The Gregg Homme Hot Shot Booty Shorts are a statement beyond any other this reviewer has seen. With their criss-crossing elastic side panels, discreet metal rings, and ‘liquid touch’ fabric this gladiator style undergarment is more than your typical short. It is a magnet for attraction.

The beauty of the piece does have its limits, however. There are certain things anyone looking for a piece of sexy underwear should know. This type of underwear is not what I would call an everyday wear piece. Instead this is definitely designed and meant for special occasions. In a similar way that a woman buys a piece of lingerie, this is lingerie for men. I have to state this because after wearing it under a pair for jeans for a few hours, the elastic stitching popped on one of the criss crosses. That does not mean it was uncomfortable, it simply means I think the movement was too much for the stitching to handle.

Throughout the day of wearing, this piece stayed extremely comfortable. The brief style top to the rear in conjunction with the thong base took a little getting used to; however, after wearing for about 10 minutes it was extremely comfortable. I greatly enjoyed the hybrid style of the back. Not to mention that the hybrid was wonderful at showing off certain assets, in both the front and back. Add to that the fact that the fabric is cool and sleek and this piece is a pleasure to wear.

Coming in all sizes and 4 colors (Black, white, red and purple) this piece is a must have for any man that is looking to show off his Roman side and have a sexy piece to show off all of the important assets.


  • Sexy
  • Comfortable
  • Easy Care


  • Elastic Stitching
  • Limited Wear









Daily Wear




*OUT of 5*

These were furnished for review by Gregg Homme


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