Andrew Christian & Friends celebrate Gay Pride from Andrew Christian on Vimeo.

Andrew Christian is back again and this time he brought his friends to the Gay Pride party!

Andrew Christian (and friends) take the opportunity to thank the fans by wishing them a Happy Gay Pride in their new video. The video starts off with a montage of your favorite viral videos that morph into a digital rainbow. What is more gay and proud than that? The rest of this video!

The video continues with a celebratory message from Andrew Christian himself and continues with countless familiar faces. A few other notable include Perez Hilton, Cazwell, Ronnie Kroell, Scott Evans (yes, Chris Evans’ brother), Rod Daily, Pandora Boxx, Nicco Sky, Dina Delicious, DJ Brenda Black, Mercedes Tyler, Jason Carter (from RPDR), Mike Munich, Rhea Litre, Marcellas Reynolds, and Bobby Trendy. (Yes, he is still alive and well) The cast of characters above are joined by friends of AC from all over the world, the gorgeous models, and the staff from the Andrew Christian studio in Los Angeles, California.

This video is fun and light hearted and makes me want to give all of you a big GAY hug! Enjoy! OH…and Happy Gay Pride!


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