This thong is unique because each pair has a unique in its pattern design. The L.A. haze G thong from N2N is hand spun and dyed and is available in two colors Indigo Blue and Sunset Yellow. I was given the Sunset Yellow pair to review. The hue of the yellow is rich and bright without being neon. The thong is made from 90% cotton and 10% spandex. It’s a really great soft feeling cotton with lots of stretch.

I always love wearing a comfortable thong to the gym. I prefer to not have to adjust my underwear while working out. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a set and your underwear becomes uncomfortable to the point of distraction. If you are a guy like me that loves wearing a support pair with freedom for leg movements then you should definitely try this thong. I know that many of you don’t wear thongs. Some might wear them in the privacy of your home and would never want to be caught wearing one at the gym. Let me try to change your mind.

I probably own about over 200 hundred pairs of underwear at this point. Most of my collection is briefs and thongs. I probably wear a thong 4 times a week on average. Every time I get a new pair I compare it to my favorite thong of all time. N2N previously made a thong called the Odyssey. The L.A. Haze G is the exact same model. I know many thong lovers on the internet have expressed their love for the Odyssey. I have even read some bloggers that are not normal fans of a thong singing its praise. For some reason N2N decided to change the name. The design and cut of this garment is exactly the same. I can’t see any reason to change the name but they did. Instead of the grey tones previously offered now we get it two great bold tie dyed colors. It’s summer time now boys so pick up the fun colors before they are discontinued as well.

The design itself is simplistic and so comfortable on the body. A nice wide front and a generous t-back make it appropriate to wear as underwear or even a swimsuit if you are comfortable enough. The pouch is 3 dimensional. It lifts you up and forward with squishing you to pieces. There is nothing worse than a thong that applies pressure and flattens the bulge. The strap is the perfect width with plenty of stretch to ensure comfort.

My final advice- buy it. Buy it now. Buy 20 pairs. You won’t regret it. Trust me on this one!

Pros –

  • Great fabrication
  • Great fit
  • Close to naked feeling

Cons –

  • Not enough color options
Fit : 5
Materials : 5
Look : 5
Construction : 5
Daily Wear : 5
Overall : 5

This pair was furnished by N2N and is available for $19.00 at their site.


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