I always get excited when there is a package in the mail from Tim. It means one thing- more new thongs to try out. Sometimes I am displeased and other times I find a great new thong.  I opened this package and giggled because the thong that was sent was the last color of a style I have been collecting on my own. The N2N Net G-String is one of my favorites. I have already written in my reviews about my love of N2N thong designs. They are really a perfect fit for my body. I already had the tan, white and olive pairs. Now I have the black pair as well.

If you read my thong reviews then I don’t want to repeat myself in terms of the cut, design, and finishing skills that N2N executes with their underwear. In case you haven’t read my review of the LA Haze thong here it is: http://www.underwearnewsbriefs.com/2012/06/review-n2n-bodywear-la-haze/. I am pretty positive that the pattern used to create the Net G is identical.

I wear these thongs for many purposes. It’s always a great item for the beach. No, I a, not saying I wear this by itself. Sometimes when I go away I wear it under soccer or gym shorts. It offers great support and also fast drying so its the perfect “lining” when you have run out of clean swimsuits. I also wear them when I am going to work out. No one wants a sweaty crotch. This pair offers a well ventilated solution when you are doing an extreme workout. I also make it the go to pair when I am going to Bikram yoga.

My only issue is the use of 100% polyester net as the main material. If you wear the thong straight out of the package it can be itchy. The stiff material is easily made comfortable after washing it. So boys- I would recommend this thong for multiple uses but wash it first to soften the material.

Thanks N2N and Tim for completing my collection of this style!

Pros –
Great design
Great construction
Con’s –

Fit : 5
Materials : 4
Look : 5
Construction : 5
Daily Wear : 5

Overall : 4.8

This pair was furnished by N2N and is available for $16.00 at their site.


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