A couple months ago, I was alerted of this small new website called CheapUndies.com by none other than the Underwear News Briefs blog. I was instantly intrigued, because well…cheap and undies for me sadly don’t always get to go together. I am a fan of nice underwear, but as a young budding circus artist, I am usually found perusing the sale racks only, finding an awful lot of certain brands, and unable to afford the loftier brands.

Enter Cheapundies.com, this company is grounded in the “woot.com” One Deal One Day mold that brings you ONE item per day at a really discounted price. What I saw when I first clicked is a man’s body and a woman’s body, each modeling the certain pair of undies on sale that day. The pair of underwear I saw that day was probably 60-75% off its original price, coming in at roughly $5. I was in shock, and started to check out the other costs involved (where’s the catch). After snooping around, I discovered the only other fee is the one for shipping, which is a very reasonable $5 for regular post to my location. I wasn’t ready to chip in $5 shipping for a $5 dollar pair of undies just yet. I know it’s only $10, but paying the same amount in shipping as the product just felt odd to me.

For a moment let’s go back to how the site works. CheapUndies spends most of their time (when not shipping undies off to happy customers) sourcing underwear companies that are willing to sell a huge amount of one pair of undies to them for a very low price. This low price for CheapUndies allows them to extend the deal to you, and by spreading out the deals among many underwear brands, no single brand is getting short-changed. So basically, each day CheapUndies gets a huge haul of one pair of undies for incredibly cheap. This is where the magic kicks in.

What happens if not ALL of the pairs of undies are gone by the end of the 24 hours? Well, those undies go into the part of the website called Last Chance Deals. These are not on the One Day time restriction anymore, they are the excess, still priced at their extremely discounted rate. And that, my friends, is where my magic moment happened.

Last week, I fell in love with the pair that was being advertized for the day, but I wanted to maximize the undies to shipping ratio, so I went into the Last Chance Deals, and looked around for other pairs to supplement my main pair, to mollify my worries about the shipping. I ended up getting 3 pairs of undies + shipping to the tune of $20.00. For your information, I got one brief, a thong, and a boxster, and all are incredibly wonderful to wear. I placed my order at around 11pm on May 17th, and they arrived May 21st. So, for $20, I got 3 pairs of quality, well fitted and designed undies, plus shipping that arrived in about 3 days, from CheapUndies.com… I rest my case.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. Joshua Ganim Reply

    Rubbish site! I ordered a few pairs mid July and now in mid September I’m still waiting for my order in Australia. I keep writing to them asking and now I don’t hear anything back. Don’t bother if you don’t live in the US

    • Joshua, thanks for letting us know. Its great for us to know how things are shipped outside the US.

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