We got to interview the guys over at Bum-Chums about the new Stealth line. They are one of the most creative underwear companies around! We hope you enjoy this and learn a little more about the Stealth Line!


Tell us a little about the Stealth Line?

Stealth is all about form and purpose.  We wanted to introduce a new fabric, Supplex®, to the market, so we decided that the best way to do this was to design an entirely new and dedicated collection that would allow the qualities of the Supplex® material to shine through; in many ways, you could say that Supplex® is the heart of Stealth.  We designed a slim-brief and trunk with bold and deceptively simple lines that naturally accentuate and compliment the male form, we avoided unnecessary embellishments which allows for a broad and unbroken expanse of fabric to follow the contours of the body.  Every feature line of the design serves a purpose and this is highlighted by the use of confident colour accents to amplify the nature of the lines and add visual drama; for example, both the slim-brief and trunk incorporate a central, cover-seamed centreline running down the middle of the rear aspect, this not only provides visual symmetry but also helps to enhance rear shaping, and in order to draw attention to it’s purpose, this structural element is cover-seamed in one of the five striking colours.  Both designs dispense with the broad waist elastic and instead utilise a narrow, bound and colour-coded waist band design, this approach ensures attention is focused on the overall design and avoids unnecessary distraction.  Finally, the slim-brief also boasts a ‘keyhole’ arrangement at the front which, unusually, is incorporated into an anatomically correct and naturally enhancing pouch assembly; this feature is also emphasised by contrast colour binding on the outer edge.  We feel that Stealth is a great example of form following function, which is a philosophy inherent in all good design.


What was the inspiration for the new Stealth line?

Because simplicity, form and function were our guiding principals, we looked to certain design movements that exemplified all or some of these traits, these included the Art Deco design philosophy of the 1920’s and 1930’s, the architecture of the Bauhaus period, particularly its use of functional, clean lines and Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis which drew visual inspiration from the Art Deco movement.


Bum-chums is a line that is known for the use of colour and fun in underwear, where did this philosophy come from?

We both have a rather tongue-in-cheek sense of humour and we felt that underwear should not only be comfortable and well made but also bright, fun and enjoyable.  Because all our products are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK and, of course, we are from the UK, we felt that we could inject some dry and ‘naughty’ British humour into what seemed to be, on occasion, a slightly stuffy market, hence the odd double-entendre and slightly ‘Carry On’ nature of our humour and general marketing approach; it’s an approach that has worked very well for us and we hope it’s also helped to brighten everyone’s day a little!


What is coming up for bum-chums next, what should we be looking out for?

We have a number of exciting new products in the pipeline, firstly we are planning to extend the Stealth range in the coming months with the addition of a series of Supplex® Sports Vests and a range of Sports-Briefs; furthermore we are also planning a re-design of our Classic range of hipsters and hip-briefs.  We have a number of other products waiting in the wings which we will be rolling out next year, we will release details of these closer to the launch dates.  In terms of non-product related releases, we are working on a new Stealth video which will take a slightly less serious approach to the range than the previous one and hopefully satisfy all our fans longing for a good old bum-chums’ tongue-in-cheek romp!


Supplex ®: the heart of Stealth

The Stealth collection also debuts a new fabric: Supplex®Supplex® is a technically advanced fabric developed by scientists for modern athletes; it has the traditional feel and appeal of cotton with the benefits of modern fibre technology.  Like cotton, Supplex® is fully breathable and soft to the touch, but unlike cotton, it will maintain its’ shape and return qualities – even after repeated wash and wear cycles.  Also, Supplex® is colour-fast, so colours won’t fade and, unlike cotton, it won’t pill (bobble).  The fabric is high wicking, helping to keep you dry, particularly during physical exertion; it’s also quick drying and is tough and durable

The Stealth collection, our most advanced design yet and is available with five vibrant colour accents:  Stealth Ice, Stealth Air, Stealth Ignite, Stealth Fire and Stealth Dawn.



Stealth – Form following Function.



Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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