Mack Weldon thinks it’s time to get back to basics with, well, basics.  At a time when men have become a legitimate fashion consumer force, why are millions still settling for less when it comes to what they wear under all those well-tailored suits and name-brand jeans? It’s a question Brian Berger and Michael Isaacman have been contemplating for some time.  And their conclusion? The creation of Mack Weldon, an online men’s essentials line developed with fit and function at its core, featuring the fundamental pieces that compose the base of any outfit: undershirts, underwear and socks.

“Shopping for underwear is a necessary evil that typically requires going to a department store or mall.  Once you are there, it gets worse – a sea of merchandise, loud, flashy colors and inconsistent product that never fits the same,” says Brian Berger, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mack Weldon. “As a brand, we want to deliver a superior, more convenient customer experience driven by great product and an online relationship.”

Men want shopping for underwear to be as painless as possible, so maintaining quality and consistency of fit is essential. Mack Weldon aims to offer its customer a reliable fit, making replenishment simple and quality ensured. “Fit is a key factor when buying a basic since it touches your skin and dictates the look and feel of everything you wear on the outside.  Our products are designed specifically with this in mind and deliver a wearing experience that is truly unique,” says Berger.

Each piece is engineered to promote comfort, mobility, moisture and odor management, and recovery. With a specially formulated 18-hour jersey fabric, underwear and undershirts retain their shape after repeated wear and wash with a minimal amount of shrinkage.

Berger and Isaacman have given the Mack Weldon shopping experience just as much thought and investment as the products themselves. The web-based functionality of the brand allows for a more convenient way of purchasing these much-needed items, with the added bonus of volume-based pricing based on value of purchase. Consumers can easily order and replenish their stock, even signing up for auto-replenishment so that the dreaded act of shopping for basics is virtually eliminated.

The line will be available on beginning August 2012. The launch collection will include Undershirts and T’s ($28-$32), Underwear ($19.50-$24) and Socks ($12.50), each in an assortment of tasteful colors.

The brand will also be featured in select retail locations where, Berger says, “It must be a convenient environment for guys to shop.”
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