We have two popular posts. The first is the K’mando pouch and the second is 2(X)ist Evolve at Target. I have noticed a lot of comments lately that people aren’t finding the brand. I did some research and found them at a few Target stores around Atlanta. Ranging from in town out to the burbs. Then I went to the Target website and found they had many styles, even more then the stores.

What I found in the stores was that they are doing the plaid and camo patterns. The two patterns are available in a brief or trunk/boxer briefs. Now for the most important, the pricing, Target seems to have two price points $11.99 and $12.99.

If you are having trouble finding them at stores then I suggest going to the Target site.

On another note we are going to start reviewing more moderate priced underwear. This includes Evolve but will also expand to retailers such as J.C. Penny, Belk, and more. If you have suggestions who we should review then let us know in a comment here or email us!


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  1. The Evolve brand at Target has been redesigned – the once too tight leg elastic on the trunks have been replaced with a soft, thicker ribbing. At first I thought this was a great improvement! Over time, however, these soft-ribbed legged trunks have also shrunk and the elastic loosens. That means the trunks get smaller and creep up the legs.


    For me, that means the less-costly once-perfect fitting trunk is falling out of favor!

    On a related note, the Evolve Shapewear (particularly the undershirts) has also returned, though their quality may also be lower…?

  2. In Missouri, these are available – and have recently been redesigned.

    The boxer brief only came in solids or camo (green or black). The solids had a too-tight elastic around the legs which made them more trunk-like and actually more brief-like after a day’s wearing. The camouflage versions didn’t have the thin elastic on the legs, but elastic folded and stitched into the fabric.

    The boxer brief redesign (as pictured) replaced the leg elastic with the camo’s wider, softer ribbed design, and added patterns and new colors for solids. At first I was delighted as these cotton/spandex blend boxer briefs became my daily wears in my quest for better fitting underwear.

    A few months later, and i’m having mixed results. Some, but not all, of the boxer briefs have shrunk considerably (by nearly an inch), and the trunks now are riding uncomfortably in the rear – above the leg and butt crease. Not what I signed up for.

  3. I really like this evolve underwears, the trunks are the best looking and very confy too. The quality are so good but, in my opinion, the color combinations of this new season aren’t the best. I do preffer the solid colors as they come before.

  4. Kenneth D Common Reply

    Can’t find boxer briefs any more. Most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn.

  5. Target website says its no longer available also i haven’t seen them in stores

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