Jockstrap Central has just introduced Jack Adams with their latest blonde muscle hunk Chris putting the new Ranger X Jocks through their paces. 

Ranger X Jockstraps are equally stylish as they are rugged with their take on the traditional mesh pouched jockstrap. The thick but surprisingly soft and comfortable knit pouch has a vertical ribbing to allow for horizontal stretch. With a fully functional horizontal fly that allows you (or someone else!) to reach in and go digging for gold. Then the style comes into play – the outsides of the pouch plus the fly opening are all edged with piping creating some pretty awesome lines. Add to this the lines created by the leg straps that extend around to the front traveling across the top of the pouch crossing the fly piping and form an x on each side(hence the name) – it’s nothing short of stunning.

Finally, the Ranger X includes a super comfortable, sturdy plushed 1.5 inch waistband and 5/8 of an inch wide leg straps.

Style aside, you won’t find a better constructed jockstrap with double reinforced elastic and double stitching throughout and ingenious handling of the leg straps where they attach to the base of the pouch to prevent twisted straps. Pretty incredible when you consider the totally affordable price. The Ranger X Jocks come in solid black, black with red detailing and black with white detailing.

Get them now at Jockstrap Central


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