This was the first time I got to meet with 2EROS. I think this was the first time they were at a US show! It was great to see the new collection and find out more about them. I know they aren’t too well known in the US. I have seen a few retailers selling them however it’s mainly been on Facebook and the internet that I ran across them. They have been around I think since the start of UNB. We have covered them in the past and after meeting them you can definitely count on seeing them more on UNB.
One thing I think is great about 2EROS is they have a lot of fun creating underwear. It shows in the designs and colors they use. They aren’t a line you would think plain. They mix leather and rubber accents with colors and different fabrics.
Here is bit of what we talked about at Magic!

US Collection

  • US Summer
    • Tab series
      • Not a super low rise but low rise (tab at the top)
      • No lining on Tab Series, only in the pouch and tab sticks to the skin and yellow/white shows skin
    • Signature Stripes
      • Has the same fit as tab
      • The new waistband to a custom design and waistband is sewn into the band and includes draw string and 2eros logo toggles on the end draw string
      • White is lined (and kinda of see through)
      • Available in candy and black
    • Signature shorts
      • Has the same waistband as signature shorts
      • They are shorter shorts
      • Also has in between sizes
      • Mesh lined
      • Same colors as the Signature stripes
    • Outback
      • Colors are Forrest, marine and sand – based on outback theme
      • Mixed texture together with mesh and shiny waist band with faux leather ( eco friendly and water proof)
      • Lined on front and back – mesh will be see through
      • Not same mesh as lining and and larger, whole safe more textured
  • Australian Summer
    • Icon swimwear
      • Customers like the pouch a lot
      • Low rise with a drawstring is outside which has the toggles
      • Signature drawstring and and new logo
      • The logo is bigger on the backside
      • Available in Navy, yellow and blue
    • Nation
      • The style is more like a square cut
      • Really great colors
      • Has toggles and drawstring
      • Images on the front, used the mesh on outback on these and is transparent (back front is lined)
      • Has a rubberized tab in back
      • This line will be based on national colors, aussuie, United reb/lbue right italian.
  • Underwear
    • Stripe Underwear
      • First woven pattern 2EROS has done
      • Has a leather logo on the waistband
      • Has the same design as the Outback Swim
      • All underwear has a low rise.
      • Focusing on bigger pouches in the collection
    • Day Racer
      • Will be available mid September
      • Is a cross between a brief and a trunk
      • Will have  a waistband that is navy red and silver. The logo in in the waistband
      • The main body color will be white
      • 2EROS gave more room at pouch and wider waistband
    • Jock Series
      • Is available now!
      • The line is created with “universally” liked colors
      • The line is made from Tactel’ (a type of Nylon) with wicking and elastane.
      • When released the Jock straps will only be in one color – Blue
      • Briefs comes in two colors  – red and blue
      • The Jock series has a bigger pouch then other collections.
  • Supawear
    • Will be priced at a lower price pint and younger
    • Unlike 2EROS the line will only consist of one fabric which is  elastine cotton
    • All briefs are low rise
    • Supa Man is a brief that is made every day wear – bold waistband, SW on back
    • Supa  Drive has a Metallic waistband in cyan magenta and trunk is red and blue
    • Swimwear – both have the same fit as 2EROS but a different treatment.
    • The difference is a standard standard drawstring with SW logo, rubber tag back in on the back waistband
    • Supasonic – has a three color waistband and leg trim that alternates. Meaning it doesn’t match each other but rather matches the Waistband.

Find them all on line at: and


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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