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You are enlightened enough to be visiting the best men’s underwear blog out there, so you obviously know plenty about men’s underwear, and if you don’t you are certainly in the right place to learn more. But chances are your underwear drawers look a little “uniform.” You have discovered the brands, styles and cuts you like to wear, and for the most part, you stick with them. Yet, there is probably one style your underwear is lacking, or just doesn’t have.

That’s right, I am talking about thongs. Thongs made for men, “The Man Thong.” Certainly they, nor the concept of you (or your man) wearing one is foreign to you; you’re reading this on a website that routinely reviews them. It is also likely that you frequent your favorite underwear retailing websites often, so you know that thongs (and g-strings) make up a sizeable portion of the men’s underwear real-estate on these websites. Your problem though, is that you are likely too afraid to buy one, for fear you would actually wear it, and potentially open yourself up to judgment. This is understandable, because I went through the exact same thing about a year ago.

Last December, I had an underwear collection that was growing rapidly, and I had every style except one, (you guessed it). Like you, I had visited websites like Freshpair and MensUnderwearStore on an almost daily basis, just browsing aimlessly. Like always, I noticed that both websites sold about 100 different thongs for men. 100! Knowing what I know about markets (which isn’t much past “101” levels) I knew that supply doesn’t drive demand as much as it seeks to meet demand. More surprising was the fact that almost every brand (including all the big ones) made their version of the man thong. So when Calvin Klein had their pre-holiday sale, I snapped up the “Body Thong” for 25% off ($13).

I had to wait for it in the mail, and I was a little bit nervous once I received it and put it on. But once I got it on, and situated, all of that anxiety that was driven by societal stigmas, and the general embarrassment for wearing something that has been synonymous with women’s underwear for years seemed to disappear. After wearing it to work for a day, I was floored by just how much I loved it. It offered unparalleled support, but without the natural compression that so many of the briefs I had (and still love) tend to use to “support.”

I am convinced that my love of the CK thong completely shattered my “caring” about all the various hilarity and judgment that surrounds male thongs. My mind had been opened by the fact that the thong has always been designed with men in mind. There is not better underwear design out there, to support the male anatomy. Sure, the minimal coverage leaves way to sex-appeal and thus, societal discomfort over it, but it’s inherently a part of what makes the thong so outstanding for male wear.

I began my thong collection by “staying safe” (as safe as you can be in the realm of male thongs, I guess) by purchasing very modest cuts, and staying with basic designs and fabrics. Eventually I took a bigger leap by getting into my favorite designer for thongs-Gregg Homme. While Gregg Homme makes all sorts of erotic underwear for men, I have stayed within the designer’s more modest collections, but Gregg Homme’s thongs did open my mind further, with the even more risqué male g-string.

Now obviously, I don’t expect most men who try thongs to get into them as much as I did, which led me to try the g-string in the first place, but I’d be lying if I didn’t think the male g-string mostly belongs on male strippers. The problem is, I love them, too. In fact, I have come to think of the male g-string as preferable to the thong. The reason is simple, it accomplishes the same thing a thong does, but with less material, meaning you get fantastic support while literally feeling like you aren’t wearing underwear at all. I could probably wear the Gregg Homme Boytoy G-String every day, without complaint if I was forced to wear only one design-that’s how much I love it.

Still, I have to concede that two years ago, I’d ever wear a thong made for men, let alone be writing this very article about how much I love them. I also don’t want you to come away from this article thinking that “getting here” was somehow easy. I am straight as the sky is blue, my wife is not the “adventurous type” exactly, and I had to deal with her hang ups about my thongs, (she still thinks it is weird that I like them). Beyond that, I would be petrified if any of my close friends knew that I not only wore them, but really enjoyed wearing them. Both reasons are why I titled this article the way I did.

When it comes to the male thong (and g-strings) I don’t necessarily like the fact that I love them. It’s the fact that I’ve discovered how great they fit and support me that has trumped all of the notions and negative connotations even I had about the man thong for so long. When you boil it down, what you choose to wear under your shorts or pants is only your business, and I think that was the thought that made me finally get up enough courage to try that first thong last December.

So despite all of the societal hang-ups, the fact that indeed, this is a thong that you will be wearing, I’d encourage you to get one for yourself (or your man) because I have the opinion that underwear should not be judged until you’ve tried it on. If you are like I was, and curious about them almost every time you got on one of the underwear store’s websites, you really have nothing to lose and at least something, to gain by getting your first thong. If you try it and don’t like it, you’re out the $15-20, but if you end up having the same feelings I got when I tried them for the first time, I bet you’ll start to lose those naturally occurring inhibitions when it comes to all men’s underwear.

I’m of the opinion that broadening your horizons in all facets of life is essential to living life to the fullest. You’re into underwear enough that you’re reading this article-I think it’s time to do you (or your man) a favor and broaden your horizons. Who knows, you may end up like me, hating the fact that you love them so much you just have to have more…




  1. Wow. Your story sounds very similar to mine. I’ve been wearing thongs exclusively for years now. Got so addicted to the minimalist feel of the cut that the next thing to wear would be g-strings. And now that’s all I wear. And of course I have to hide all this from my wife. But there isn’t a bigger thrill than wearing a g-string to get a massage. I only wish I could see the look on her face when she realizes I’m wearing a thong. No one has ever complained and I feel like they’re more willing to massage my gluteus since there isn’t any material covering up that area.

  2. john howell Reply

    It’s good seeing these posts as Society has made such a thing questioning the male thong. Purely personal preference. What is so wrong about a desire to wear tiny undies. I feel sorry that some or many menew hide their thongs from their partners. Not good for the mindset. A partnership should respect preferences of clothing. I tend to think ” well it’s nobody else’s business and why should I conform to what others think”. Clothes are not only to make us feel good in appearance but to enjoy.

  3. I must say I have been wearing male thongs for at least 10 to 15 years now. It is nice to be able to read comments from other men who were them also. It is such a taboo to think that a man would wear a thong. But what I think gets me most is that thongs were originally made for men in the oldest of times. It helped the man get support while running around and hunting for food without the flopping around of your Mann Tool. My wife does not like the fact that I wear them she just can’t understand it. My daughters know that I wear them because they are in the laundry I explained to them that it’s just a personal choice that every person has to make on what they feel most comfortable in. My wife says that my daughters will never wear them. My feeling is opposite I guess for those of us that understand how comfortable they are some others will never understand. I am 44 years old I have maybe four pairs of boxers one pair of briefs and a drawer full of thongs. I just can’t get away from the support that I get with wearing a thong wearing boxers my junk always hangs between my legs and really gets on my nerves. Wearing briefs I feel they are always squashed against my body and have to constantly readjust as I do with boxers. But wearing a thong the Comfort level is always high the support I get with him as always 100% most comfortable. I’m not sure at what age I might decide to stop wearing them but I just don’t see stopping anytime soon. Maybe if more men decided to wear them they would understand the taboo of a man wearing a thong is not all that ridiculous to me a man wearing a thong makes more sense than a women wearing a thong. for women it’s more of a panty line thing but for men it is more of a support type thing I don’t too much care about panty lines as much as I do support. It’s just nice to know that other men are out there wearing thongs and not caring about what their wife children or others around them think. Sometimes you have to get away from the taboo of a man wearing a thong and just understand that a man can wear a thong also it’s not always about trying to look sexy but more about trying to be comfortable and support your junk. It’s awfully funny how nowadays a man can be with a man a woman can be with a woman but the minute you say something about a man wearing a thong you must be insane but that’s okay I don’t really care about what others think I will wear what I want to wear and I will be comfortable with my own skin. My wife and I have been married for 24 years and more than half of those years I have always wore a thong. We are the best of friends and never argue she may not understand it but at the same time she doesn’t fight me about it because we respect each other we respect each other’s personal choices on what to wear and what not to wear. I do have male friends that know that I wear them and they don’t really say anything about it one way or another who knows maybe they wear them too. This is such a good forum and maybe it will open other men’s eyes to the possibility of actually having better support and not having to have two readjust there man junk all day

  4. I am a 60+ married man.
    I have been wearing only thong and g string underwear for years.
    They offer the best support along with the freedom of movement while working in the construction field.
    In the summer they keep you cool while I have never had any issues with being cold in the winter time.
    Nor do I have to constantly readjust them the way I had to with boxers.
    I cannot understand why more men will not try them since they are the most functional and comfortable undergarments you can wear.

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