Calvin Klein put out a Limited Edition line just in time for Halloween which just about coincided with one of its big sales of the year. While there are several varying designs, the Limited Edition X-Ray Cotton Trunk in black was my favorite design and I was lucky enough to be able to review them.

I have gotten away from buying trunks as of late, but I am always happy to try new ones out from time to time. Luckily for me, these arrived just in time for me to wear them last Friday on a very cold day in the Midwest. If you follow my Tumblr then you knew this already, but if you don’t you can still follow me. Generally I was pleased with the trunks. They are made of 95% cotton which made them warm and comfortable for the whole day.

Unlike some of the other CK Trunks I own, the legs on these were a bit longer, not long enough to be a boxer brief, but not as short as most trunks. These trunks also have a seam running from the outside of the pouch on both sides that travels down the front part of the inner thigh, which feels weird at first but the functionality is useful. I know nothing about clothing construction, but it seems as though the seam is to prevent “ride up” but it doesn’t entirely do its job. Still, these stayed in place on my legs for the most part, which is all you can ask from a longer pair of trunks like these.

You can’t really go wrong with CK trunks, I fit well into a Large (36-38) and as I’ve said they were really comfortable over a long wear. Style-wise, the over all shape or “cut” of the trunks aren’t going to turn any heads, but the “X-Ray” Skull screen print on the left leg which actually glows in the dark  is kind of “fun” and adds some flare to an otherwise boring pair. The contrast waistband is a burgundy color, which is also an interesting touch.

Overall, the only thing that makes this trunk stand out from any other every day trunk from Calvin Klein is the Skull print. That’s obviously not a bad thing, CK makes great underwear and this is not an exception, but I think in the end, a trunk is a trunk. While my preference lies in briefs, I am glad I have this trunk to throw into the mix every once in a while.


  • Good Fit
  • Comfortable
  • Fun-Geeky Style


  • None

Fit – 5

Materials – 5

Construction – 4.5

Look – 4.5

Daily Wear 4

TOTAL: 4.5

Find these at retailers around the country and net.


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