Wanna know a secret? I love wearing leather. It’s true. I love underwear but I also love the feeling of putting on a leather garment. I don’t wear many jocks though it seems lately I have been getting a bunch. So now I can add a leather jockstrap to my growing collection. For those of you that have never worn leather let me break this down for you in a very PG rated way. There are groups of people that love wearing leather as a fetish/lifestyle. It’s primarily associated with gay men but there is also a large straight population as well. Within this leather community there are people usually more dominant and more submissive in nature. The leather garments they wear often illustrate their power role. The Leather Pouch Jockstrap is basic enough that it could be worn by anyone regardless of their role. And here is the best part: It’s a really comfortable jockstrap.

Now I don’t recommend wearing this jock to work out in but I did wear it all day long with no discomfort. The jockstrap is made from black elastic with the leather pouch. The leather pouch comes in a variety of colors, the pair I reviewed was black leather. The other color options are yellow, red, blue, grey and white. The elastic waistband is 2 inches wide. It’s just regular elastic. Its not super soft or scratchy but it is a little stiff and will soften often time. The straps are one inch wide. It’s very much a regular jockstrap. The pouch is made from two pieces of leather that has a center seam down the front. There is plenty of room in the pouch. I should also mention that the quality of the leather is really nice.

There was one tiny snag with jockstrap. During the day I went to pull up the waistband and heard a rip. That’s when I realized that the one seam attaching the top of the pouch to the elastic waistband had ripped on the side. The pouch began to separate from the waistband a bit. It was totally my fault for trying to yank it higher up. However, even though I ripped the seam the garment didn’t fall apart. The separated  side was only half an inch long and didn’t continue to rip even more. It’s hardly noticeable. And anyone with a sewing machine can easily fix it. I wouldn’t say that my accident is because of the products poor craftsmanship but I would recommend that Jock’s by RJ consider double stitching the stretch stitch on the pouch to the waistband.

The pricing for leather products can be ridiculous. As much as I would love to get more and more the truth is, I have rent to pay.  I recommend this brand. If you are new to leather then this is a great economical brand to begin exploring with. They also can custom make any order you place. For example on their website it says, “if you are hard to fit because you have a small waist and large legs, you can just give us your measurements and we’ll make sure your items fit perfectly.  No more worries about whether online items will fit.” There is also more than just leather and jockstraps available. I cant wait to try some of their different thongs.


  • Great quality leather
  • Comfortable design


  • Seam ripped

Fit: 4.5
Materials: 5
Look: 5
Construction: 2.5
Daily Wear: 4

Overall: 4.2

This pair was furnished by Jock’s by RJ  and is available for $25.95 at their site www.jocksbyrj.com


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  1. Joel Heikes Reply

    Completely disagree with your review. I ordered a neoprene jock and a “red” leather pouch jock. First, the workmanship was poor==seams were only single stiched and the stichIng was crooked and uneven. I’m not surprised you had a seam rip on your pair. Second, the quality of the leather is average at best. This is not high quality leather as advertised. Finally, the red leather pouch jock was a burgandy/brown not the bright red shown online. Another example of poor quality products. I should also note that my merchandise arrived in a flimsy manila envelope without any plastic or padding to protect the merchandise. For high quality, stylish leather and neoprene jocks I would suggest Mr. S Leather or Forttroff.com

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