It is with GREAT happiness I write to you about the Galaxy Wrestler singlet by N2N Bodywear. Now anyone that knows me intimately will be able to tell you that N2N was my first designer underwear crush. Sadly, being the college student I was, I had to wait until the sales happened, as I gleefully clicked through their 5$ and 10$ digital “bins” looking for my selections.  Those who know me through circus, will know that I usually end up wearing a one piece to train in. I’m a professional aerial circus artist. I need my torso covered or else I’ll get friction burns all over the place. So, I was the lucky reviewer picked to tell you all about a great wrestling singlet by N2N called the Galaxy Wrestler.

The Galaxy Wrestler is N2N’s most covered singlet. The Galaxy is a one-piece tanktopped singlet, made out of 83% Nylon, 17% Spandex. The design features contrast block panels down both sides, with N2N branded in little flat metallic dots down the side. There is no front seam, but there is a back seam, which is the optimal fabrication for a singlet, so your behind gets nice definition to it, while the front doesn’t get the “guillotine” feeling. I really like the design of the singlet, because the seam lines and color block detail really emphasize the chest, and help narrow the waist. There are three-color options for this singlet, black with platinum sides, olive with cream sides, and navy with baby blue sides. Putting it on, as always with N2Ns stuff, you can’t help but feel sexy. They sure know how to make products that feel good on the body.

Since this is an article of clothing I train in, and I train everyday, I happily gave it a test drive through my daily schedule. Putting a singlet on can sometimes lead to some odd arm/shoulder contortions to get through the neck hole without stretching too far and ripping the elastic. The Galaxy is cut open enough that getting your body through the neck hole isn’t that big of a hassle.

My day usually consists of about 1-2 of stretching to gain flexibility and elongate the muscles before training. Then usually about 2 or more hours of actual circus training (trapeze, aerial hoop, hand balancing, acrobatics). Followed by at least 2-5 hours of teaching circus classes.

During my stretching was when I really put the singlet through its paces. Because a singlet is a top and bottom connected, your lower half movements have an effect on your top half garment and vise versa. The 3 areas you’ll notice can go VERY wrong on a singlet/leotard…etc are the front crotch, back crotch and shoulder straps. If any of your forward or backward bending body movements make it feel like either the front of your crotch or your tailbone area are being sliced by the seam of a singlet, it doesn’t fit well. Also, you will notice the straps digging into your shoulders to accommodate the lack of room down at your crotch.  Having dropped that bit of knowledge, I am happy to say the Galaxy fits wonderfully. It feels snug, without chafing, but doesn’t feel baggy either. Goldilocks’ hunky brother would be happy to wear this.

The fabric feels great, it manages sweat very nicely, it fits snugly (and looks sexy), and is designed well. I am proud to not only to add this to my collection of training clothes, but it’s probably my favorite now too.


  • Great fit
  • Good color choices
  • Sexy design


  • Kinda pricey, but the fabrication is quality.
  • I wish I was sent all three color options to review 🙂

Fit – 5
Materials – 5
Construction – 5
Look – 5
Daily Wear – 4

Overall: 4.8/5

The singlet was scheduled for review by N2N Bodywear.


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