It’s always fun to try new brands. It can be a little frustrating because men’s designer underwear isn’t cheap. A brief from one brand can be cut completely different from another brand. So when we find a brand that fits our body we stick with it. I get that. I don’t like wearing many brands briefs or bikinis because if the fit isnt right i end up with a wedgy as soon as I start walking. Its the bubble butt curse. It’s a huge reason why I primarily wear thongs. There is nothing worse than having to adjust your underwear.

No Limits is not a brand I was familiar with. I had never worn them before. When my red Low Rise briefs (also available in black) pair came in the mail to review it came in a reusable black zip canvas pouch. The canvas pouch has already been assimilated into my everyday life. It now holds my gym lock, deodorant, and small bottle of saline solution for my contacts. The uses are endless for this canvas pouch especially because the pouch is left plain and not branded. There are literally no limits to its potential (yes folks, that pun was intended). It might not be the most effective marketing for the brand but it is definitely “green” with the idea of reusing packing for everyday life.

I will admit when I first held the pair up I was a little nervous about my comfort level with the cut of the rear of the brief. It’s not a conventional full cut for the seat. It’s more of a french cut. I immediately thought this was going to end up becoming a thong. I went to the gym in a loose pair of shorts thinking the back of the brief was going to ride up. And it was cardio day so if this brief was going to be tested it would be on my cardio day.  The polyester/ spandex is super soft and really comfortable. The brief’s pouch was a perfect fit and offered great support. I was surprised that the brief’s rear didn’t ride up. I was totally shocked. I loved the overall comfort level. I forgot what underwear I was even wearing. That’s how light and airy they felt. I would definitely wear more of their briefs and I never want to wear briefs. If their briefs are this comfortable I would love to try their thongs.

No Limits has a new fan.

Pros –

  • Great design
  • Great quality
  • Super comfortable

Con’s –

  • Sincerely, I have no complaints.


  • Fit: 5
  • Materials: 5
  • Look: 5
  • Construction: 5
  • Daily Wear: 5
  • Overall: 5

This pair was furnished by No Limits and is available for $12.50 at their site.


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