I had a tingle of joy when I heard I’d be getting a Joe Snyder pair for this review cycle. Joe Snyder is one of the brands I’d always wanted but never could find on sale as a very budget restrained college kid. Low and behold it arrived, and I received…THE LAUNCH BIKINI, in white.

As I took the pair out of the packaging, I had a two-part reaction. Part one was the ooh and ahh over the feel of the fabric in my hand. Part two was the moment of confusion upon inspecting the front of the undies. I’ll go into more detail on that in a minute.. The Launch Bikini is an 80% Polyamide and 20% Spandex Lycra blend which gives it the luxurious feel and luster. It is available in White, Black, Red, Turquoise, and Mango (a goldish yellow). There is a tag on the back of the undies that is QUITE noticeable, it’s actually folded over the band so there is taggage on the inside of the back AND the outside of the back, but having worn them for the day, I honestly only felt it a couple times. The price point is on the more expensive side for a pair of underwear, but if you factor in the construction techniques, it is totally understandable (my degree in costume design stands behind this statement).

Now, to explain the confusion over the front of these undies. This bikini features a dual front, the outer front is a nice full contoured pouch to carriage the genitals. The INNER panel is an uncontoured panel with a hole in the center. This pulls your testicals UP and out from your body, and lets your penis drape over them, being presented even FURTHER out. This bikini also doesn’t elasticize the ring, so luckily, you don’t feel like you’re being choked until the elastic is worn in more. The built in ring isn’t a new concept in men’s underwear “technology”, but this is the first time I’ve seen the construction like this. The outer POUCH on this bikini is attached at the front and the top of the pouch, leaving the sides open. It was slightly fussy to put it on and “dress” everything properly, but not too bad.  I have two slightly opposing opinions attached to this engineering.

Having worn it all day, I found it very sensational…in a good way, and a very nice feel for a pouch. I felt supported while still given breathing room to hang, and it definitely added a little SOMETHING to the front of my pants, but without the pants on, it kind of turns into a peek-a-boo pouch. Because the front pouch panel is not connected on the sides, when I’m wearing it, my genitals were pushing out the pouch panel so much that I was getting the male version of “side-boob”. In my opinion, the outer panel would do better to be attached from the bottom and sides, leaving the TOP open, so if there is a peek-a-boo panel, it’s a slightly more alluring sight”

Although I think the front pouch is not great for “show”, I completely recommend this for daily wear, it felt great all day, and it added a little spring to my step.



  • Beautiful fabric
  • Great “display” features
  • Comfortable
  • Durable



  • Not the most appealing front construction
  • A little hard to put on


  • FIT 5
  • LOOK 2
  • OVERALL 3.8


Joe Snyder Furnished this pair for review


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