In the last few years men’s underwear companies have been making underwear for real guys. Meaning that they are taking in to account the pouch and seat sizes of all types of men. These companies have been making ergonomically designed underwear for guys needing more room up front.  We are still waiting on the underwear for the guy who has a bigger backside. The Personal Fit Factor is C-IN2’s entry into this segment of the men’s underwear market.

I have tried many of the other ergonomically designed pouch underwear lines and have been enjoying the extra room up front. So, when a new brand comes out I definitely want to try it. The Personal Fit Factor Shower is, as it states on the C-IN2 site: “A slingless approach for more room in your pouch! The inside pocket supports the male anatomy, while the inverted pleats allow for EXTRA room as needed. A new “trophy shelf” moves anatomy forward, and there’s no center seam for additional comfort.”

This may sound a little confusing but it’s a pair is with out any straps or contraptions’ but rather it gives you really great support by the pleat design. The added pleat will adjust depending on the size you package. There is nothing I hate then having to have instructions to put your underwear on!

I wore these to work to really try them out. The pair C-IN2 sent to me was a large. Which had me worried, it was a 34-36. They were a little tight but fit snuggly. I am in the process of loosing weight and am just about back in a 36! So I was really surprised by fit. I would suggest looking at the sizing before you buy, not just C-IN2 but any undies.

The Trophy Shelf pouch really gave me incredible support. It wasn’t too tight or restricting but just right. The pouch also gave me a natural support. No squishing, adjusting or anything else through out the day. It really felt like I was wearing no underwear throughout the day. I will say it’s great to get a pair of undies you don’t have to adjust in any way though out the day.  I like to think this was due to the 95 Cotton; 5 Spandex/Elastane/Lycra material blend.

I would highly recommend this if you are a guy in need of a bigger pouch. Finding underwear to fit is not always an easy task. Some the pouch isn’t big enough and can’t cover your package. While others have pouches that are too night and squeezes you through out the day.


  • Amazing ergonomically designed pouch
  • Great construction and materials blend
  • Very reasonably priced compared to other brands


  • Only complaint is lack of colors! Only comes in White and Black


  • Fit – 5
  • Materials – 5
  • Construction – 5
  • Look – 4.5
  • Daily Wear – 5
  • Overall – 4.7


C-IN2 furnished these for review. They can be found in black and blue for $24 on the C-IN2 website .



Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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