Yes, I am the thong guy. But sometimes I like to wear a sexy brief. I was excited to do this review, because I always wanted to try Cocksox. I have always loved the images Cocksox produces for their underwear. Let’s be honest- Australian men are hot. They seem to all have amazing beach ready bodies. So mix the sexy male Australian body with a sexy underwear brand and what do you get? A must have for every guy that likes to wear sexy, well designed and great quality underwear.

Made from 94% Cotton 6% Lycra this brief is very brief. If this is a brief I wanna move to Australia. I would consider this a bikini. There are so many great aspects to it. The brief doesn’t have an over designed waistband. Its just a piece of elastic surged to the fabric. I think the big fad of branding a logo on the waistband has really gotten out of hand. Plus these large waistbands tend to fold up during the day needing to be readjusted. The simplicity of this design is one of my favorite aspects. Many of my friends make fun of me because almost all my clothes are striped. I don’t know why but I just love stripes. Striped fabric is a great way to tell if the designer and manufacturer can match the grain of the fabric. If the stripes line up at the seams then you can bet that its a better quality. I loved the red and black striped Cocksox. Both of my favorite things, stripes and underwear, together make me a happy camper! And you know what my favorite thing about this “brief” is? NO ANNOYING SCRATCHY TAG! Well, that is not entirely true because there is one sewn flat to the front. It doesn’t touch the skin so I don’t count it as a tag. It’s just a brand label. Thankfully, the Australian brand  just put an iron on tag in the back interior. I can not stand tags and hate hate hate them. So— thank you Cocksox.

The underwear itself is made from three pieces of fabric. Two pieces make up the front. The center seam is nicely put together and flat. The back is just one piece of fabric and is really well sewn together. They spent just as much time finishing the inside. Sometimes manufacturers skimp on the details and when you go to put a pair on you accidentally rip some of the finishes. I did my regular test and wore them to the gym. I got lots of stares since there was a large protruding bulge in my shorts. Everyone likes attention. And I loved it and also didn’t experience any of the crotch discomfort, squishing, or pain I felt wearing other similar brands.  I knew with my big butt and the underwear’s little rear that they were going to ride up. To my total surprise it wasn’t the wedgy where after a few deep lunges it became a thong. Yes, the rode up a bit but then they stayed in place and really hugged my cheeks. It probably has to do with the great finishes to the legs and waist. So the front is Cocksox and the back was Buttsox. It is a great pair of Sox.

Every guy needs to buy this pair. Let me know when you do if you like them as much as I do.


  • fun pattern
  • Soft fabric
  • Fantastic design
  • Quality manufacturing


  • I could have used a couple more inches of butt coverage but some people like cheeks hanging out.


  • Fit: 5
  • Materials: 5
  • Look: 5
  • Construction: 5
  • Daily Wear: 5
  • Overall: 5

Cocksox furnished this pair for review. The CX01 is available for $28 at their site.


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