2012 is coming to a close and I asked some of the guys on the site what was their favorite pair from last year. Some maybe we reviewed and others are ones that were purchased. But it was a great year for undies!

Alex – My favorite pair of 2012 are the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Air Jock. This super comfy pair of underwear took one of my favorite briefs, the Almost Naked, and made them better by taking off the butt. I don’t know if it just makes me feel sexier or is more comfortable but matting these briefs with a jock is absolutely amazing. Come 2013 more brief/jock combos will be making their way into my undies drawer.

UNBTim – My Favorite pair this last year is the Joe Snyder Pride Frame Bikini. This was my very first pair I have ever had of them and the fit and feel was amazing. I loved the pouch and the way they fit all day! They are truly amazing pair of undies. I have to mention the N2N Bodywear Air Trunk as my other favorite. This is because they are so breathable and lightweight. N2N Did something really amazing with the air line!

theamazingT- Andrew Christian Almost Naked Brief in Turquoise. I consider this my 2012 pair because I didn’t own any of the Almost Naked briefs until I started working for this site last winter. After having the Almost Naked brief in my collection, it very quickly became my go to. Whether I just wanted a comfortable pair of undies to lounge around in, or I wanted a sexy bulgy pair to wear out on the town, the choice ended up coming down to my AC Almost Naked’s every time. I now own multiple pairs from the collection, with different colors and cuts, but these will always be my “first love”..

MrShane-I purchased a Baskit Jock in olive green this last year and I absolutely love it. It is no secret that I am a major jockstrap fan as I have about 25 of them and wear them at least three times a week. Well, the Baskit jockstrap is one of my favorites. It is extremely soft and comfortable. The pouch is adequate in size without being confining while being supportive and the waistband and leg straps are both soft and comfortable. I love the Baskit logo in the contrasting olive green color on the bright white waistband. There is nothing about this jockstrap that I can find at fault. I love it!

UNBThongGuyObviously Chromatic Collection Low Rise Thong -My favorite thong I got to review this year was by Obviously. It’s probably the perfect thong. Soft material, great design, comfortable pouch and strap. I can wear it all day and forget I am wearing it. It’s hands down the best thong in my col


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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