Today, I get to review a line from a store called UNIQLO (read carefully, this is not to be confused with another underwear brand). Though UNIQLO is not a specifically underwear only company, or even a company highly focused on undergarments, I love the quality of their underwear so much, I wanted to write about them.

UNIQLO is a Japanese company that started in 1984, but I hadn’t heard about until a couple years ago. As a store, it’s like a Japanese H&M-like store, focusing on basics and quirky accent pieces at an affordable price, but still retaining sturdy quality. Their underwear visually isn’t groundbreaking, but to wear them is a treat, so I own many pairs.

The line/pair I want to talk about today is the boxer brief from the AIRISM line. Visually, you won’t be that impressed. The entire line is saturated in deep neutral solids with occasional low-vibrancy accent prints. For instance, you can get a basic all black, a charcoal, a dark midnight blue…as well as a black/charcoal small checker print, or a black-grey-deep navy stripe pattern…etc. No bold primaries, neons. It’s not that kind of line.

The boxer brief in construction isn’t groundbreaking, but feels amazing. It features a single rear panel (no seam down the butt), and separate slightly contoured fly-front pouch. The waistband is exposed woven elastic, as well as a sewn on tag on the back center. It is made of a 87% polyester 13% elastane fabric that truly feels and reads as silk (I’m not making this up, and I’m a professional costume designer, I can tell you when it feels like silk). The name of the line is because of the fabric and fits making it almost feel like you’re wearing a cool breeze, instead of a pair of underwear.

When I’m wearing my AIRISM Boxer Briefs, I truly do forget that I’m wearing them. The tag has never bothered me. It’s not a truly low-rise undergarment, but it doesn’t ride up or down at all. The legs aren’t elasticized at the bottom, and I almost never notice them riding up. The pouch isn’t fussy with any lifting or pushing out type details, but it has enough contour to keep the goodies from getting smushed all the time. I wear these in any situation, I’ve lounged around at home in them, I’ve worn them to go teach circus in (I usually wear a dance belt, but on “light” circus days, I wear these with NO problem).

I love these so much. I’m pretty sure I have at least 8 pairs if not more (in all different colors/prints of course). And at about $13 a pair, it’s an amazing deal on the quality you’re getting. I find they run pretty true to size, so trust their size chart when you’re ordering. You won’t regret these.


  • amazing silky feel
  • very great price
  • nice fit


  • mellow in color choice


  • FIT 4
  • LOOK 2.5 (NEUTRAL)
  • OVERALL: 4.2

Find this pair at Uniqlo


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