38_073781Hi everyone, here is the second item from my lovely new found fav UNIQLO, from the Heattech line: the Long Johns. Now, these have the same luxurious feel of the UNIQLO Airism line, with the added technology that their fabric absorbs moisture from your body and converts it to heat. It is made of a very thin synthetic fabric that can keep you warm without the bulk of heavy winter underclothes.

Like the Airism line, I am in love with these long johns. Living in Vermont, I experience a LOT of cold, and these are the perfect under-pant garment, as well as a lounge garment. They have a two panel back (center back seam), and a separate crotch panel in the front with a functional fly opening. The waistband is a woven elastic, with a tag center bag. Much like the airism line. The fabric for the Heattech line is 34% polyester, 33% rayon, 27% acrylic, 6% spandex. The line has two styles, the “long john” and the “tight”, both seem to be exactly the same in all composition, except the “long john” features a waistband that’s encased into the top of the long john, where the “tight” has a sewn on elastic band as the top. Both are extremely comfortable.

The fabric is extremely silky, and not overly warm (the type of overly warm where you are sweating all over it, which is the reason why I dislike a lot of winter garments). The fabric is breathable, and nicely stretchy to give a nice form to your legs without outlining every contour to your package. My negative thoughts on this long john focus on the ankles. I have shorter legs than my size demographic in most brands. My jeans are usually 34-32 507a651531489where I usually end up shortening them to 34-30. Having said that, if I put on these long johns, and mark where it hits my ankle, and remove them, there’s definitely more than 2 inches of extra length on these. It wouldn’t be a problem if the whole thing was baggy, but because the rest of it is more fitted to your legs, having a bunchy ankle makes it look a little like awkward legwarmers. The other note is that I have fairly small feet, and it is hard to get my foot/ankle through the bottom hem of the legs. I think there’s a little too much “infrastructure” in the hem of the ankles, which is not letting the fabric stretch as much as it could if just folded over and sewn.

At just under 20$ and coming in a nice range of muted neutral stripes/solids with a few bright colors thrown in (fuchsia, lime, turquoise), these are a really great piece for the cold weathered man. They also happen to look quite sexy in my opinion.


  • Very cozy in the cold months.
  • Silky feel fabric


  • awkward leg length
  • tight ankles


  • FIT 3.5
  • LOOK 4
  • OVERALL: 4.4


Find these at Uniqlo


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