1310We continue our Magic coverage this time with PPU. This time PPU is using some new colors and a few new styles. PPU is a brand known for having fun and taking risks. This year they do that by using colors, cuts and interesting designs. The colors this year are ones from almost pastel tones to some really bright primary colors. It’s a fun range of colors and we bet there is a pair you’ll love! The cuts range form thongs to boxer briefs and everything in between. Where the interesting designs coming are the peekaboo cut outs and new waistbands!

Here is what the brand says about the new line: “PPÜ 2013-1 takes sexy men’s underwear to a whole new sporty level by playing up athletic elements like elastic bands, contrast piping and the backless look of a jockstrap into all of their styles. For the guy in search of all-out sexy, there are quite a few X-rated styles in every silhouette–from pouchless thongs to full-body straps and super sheer fabrics–that are sure to fulfill the most intense underwear fetishes. ”

Here are some of the highlights of the collection:

  1303(1) 1303(3) 1303(5)

PPU 1303 Thong – This thong has some great new colors, design and new waistband. The colors on this are the lilac/coral, black/coral and white/sliver. The lilac is a new color to the PPU line and is set off nicely with the coral waistband. The cut out in the top shows off just a bit more skin then a regular thong and will make someone look twice. Lastly is the new branded waistband. It’s in two new colors Coral and Silver with PPU written across the side. Description: Brazilian thong, has a sensual design on the cup with a slit at the top, this area and back are made of a soft material with texture and elastic edges, for a good fit counts with a wide elastic at the waist embroidered with the brand. Composition: 83% Nylon, 17% Spandex.

1311(1) 1311(3) 1311(5)

PPU 1311 Brief. This brief has the same waistbands and colors as the thong above. However the fabric has a plaid design built in, you can barely see it in the picture. When you see it in person it will be look more detailed and will really stand out. Its subtle but a very nice detail! Description: Brief with wide elastic band around the waist for a good fit, made of a soft elastic material with checkered texture, has a modern design with full cup with elastic trim in contrasting color around the legs and under the cup area for support. Composition: 83% Nylon, 17% Spandex.

1313(5) 1313(3) 1313(1)

PPU 1313 Bust Buster Brief – Enhancing underwear is back at PPU. The Butt Buster brief has padding in the back. The padding isn’t too big so it will add just a bit more without being too noticeable. Available in Black/White, Red/Grey and Turquoise/Blue. Description: Brief with elastic band around the waist, this piece is designed to enhance the buttocks area and cup, because of its soft and elastic cotton material that generates a support in these areas, with elastic trims around the slits to create a sexy silhouette. Composition: 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex.

1307(1) 1307(3) 1307(5) 1307(7)

PPU 1307 Boxer with Pockets – When you think PPU you don’t initially thing Boxer Briefs. But, this collection has some with pockets. You maybe asking what do you do with underwear with pockets. This time we will say that is for you to determine! You can put many things in the pockets ranging from money to well… that is for you to imagine! Available in Grey/Turquoise, Blue/Black, White/Red and Black/White. Description: Boxer with wide elastic band at the waist for a good fit, garment made of a soft stretch cotton for comfort of the body, with cup and has pockets design in contrasting color color at the front sides. Composition: 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex.

1308(1) 1308(3)

PPU 1308 Jockstrap – PPU has always had really fun and interesting jocks. This one is one of the more conservative designs. It’s a more traditional jock with a smaller waistband, that looks more like a swimmer jock. It’s great under jeans or something casual. This jock is available in Blue/White and Grey/red. Description: Jockstrap with cup made in a stretch cotton with zigzag stitching that gives comfort to this area of the body, with soft elastic around the buttocks to provide support, and elastic band at the waist embroidered with the brand. Composition: 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex.

1317(1) 1317(3)

PPU 1317 Boxer – The colors come into play with this pair. The boxer is with a bright blue and red. It’s a traditional design with a waistband with PPU written in the same white. Its one of the more “conservative” pairs for PPU. Description: Boxer made of a soft stretch cotton with side cuts in two different colors, the cup and the bottom features a white cotton, with elastic band at the waist for a good fit to the body. Composition: 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex.

1310(1) 1310(3) 1310(5)

PPU 1310 Brief – No collection would be complete without a great brief. PPU does a take on the classic brief but puts their spin on it. They do this by the colors and waistbands. The pair has a solid waistband with the PPU brand in the same color. The pouch is framed by piping on each side of the pouch. The colors are Blue/White, Coral/Grey and Mint/Blue. Description: Low rise brief, made of a soft elastic material with texture that gives a modern twist, has wide elastic around the waist for a good fit and elastic trim in contrasting color around the legs and cup. Composition: 92.5% Nylon, 17.5% Spandex.

1322(1) 1322(3) 1322(5)

PPU Boxer 1322 – No PPU line would be complete without some mesh! The Boxer 1322 has an pouch with a peekaboo mesh panel in the pouch. It shows off some but not all. Its def not for the shy. The colors are White, Black and Mint. These colors are big in the collection this year. The fabric has a pattern of circles that gives it a texture. Description: Boxer with elastic band at the waist embroidered with the brand in contrasting color, this garment is made of a soft material circular textured, has a design with sexy mesh on the top of the cup that sensually reveals this area of the body. Composition: 92.5% Nylon, 17.5% Spandex.

1305(3) 1305(2) 1305(5)

PPU Jokcstrap 1305 – Jocks have always been big in the PPU Line up. The jock mentioned above is the most conservative of the line, this is def not conservative. It’s a design with two cut outs at the top of the pouch where the waistband starts. In the back it has to wrings and a cross between a jock and thong back. If you see the middle pictures you can see how it shows off your assets. This is available in Blue, White and Black. Description: Jockstrap with multiple wide elastics around the waist, buttocks and front, joining in the back with metal rings at the waist, providing the necessary support to the body, with cup made of a soft and comfortable material, this garment comes in three colors. Composition: 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex.

1315(1) 1315(3)

PPU Underall 1315 – PPU is one known for doing creative and fun undies. This is called the Underall which is a cross between a boxer brief and overalls. It reminds me of a very European cute. Just available in red or black with the contrasting silver branded waistband. If you are a fan of something fun and out of the ordinary then check this pair out. Description: Underall, a modern design of boxer with cup and broadband at the waist for a good fit, this is one its attached to a front piece that has straps that go to the back, they can graduate with comfortable plastic clasps, this garment is made in a soft stretch cotton. Composition: 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex.

1302(1) 1302(3) 1302(5)

PPU Jock Thong 1302 – Jock Thongs have gained in popularity in the last few years. PPU added its own spin this new design. The pouch is framed with the straps giving it two cut outs on the side. While in the back it has both the traditional thong and jock back. It will frame and show off your assets very well. Available in Purple/White, Black and White. Description: Jockstrap Thong, has a soft and comfortable wide elastic around the waist, the buttocks and the front sides to provide the necessary support to the body, with cup and back made ??of a material with textured stripes, this garment comes in three colors . Composition: Polyester 82.5%, 17.5% Spandex.

1319(1) 1319(3)1319(4)

PPU 1319 Side Mesh Boxer – Don’t let the name fool you, this has a lot more mesh then just on the side. The front has a solid Pouch and mesh on the sides and down the inner thighs. Then on the back the is almost solid mesh! It’s one that has maximum exposure but doesn’t expose too much. Available in black and white. Description; Boxer with elastic band at the waist, has a sensual design with mesh on the sides and back that reveals to these areas of the body, cup and legs features a soft elastic material with zigzag stitching in contrasting color. Composition: 93% Nylon, 7% Spandex.

This is just a highlight of the brand. There are plenty of more pairs released! Those include more thongs and mesh and some really X rated pairs. So PPU is not for the shy but rather the bold guy who’s not afraid to show off what he has to offer! Make sure you check your favorite retail store for the entire collection.



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