Swimwear is one of those things that is different for every person. Some like board shorts, other like shorter turnks, while others like to show a little more skin. Vuthy has all those styles and a lot more this summer. This collection has really come into it’s own and is one of the strongest they have done to date. When I first saw the line I knew they had some great pairs that you guys will love for summr. No matter what style you like, Vuthy will have it and they have reintroduced the swim thong. They haven’t been too prevalent in men’s swimwear for a while and now. Vuthy has released a new line for this year. When I first saw this line, I really liked it. The new line has a very summer feel to it.

Summer is right around the corner and here are a few pairs you may like. We are going to profile all the styles in each color here!

324(1) 321(1) 342(1)

The Turquoise/Black stripes show that they are doing a the same fabric in several styles. This one is in a longer board short, medium board short and a square cut. If you want to have a cover up and then wear the square cut, this line is perfect for that! The styles are 324 Medium Shorts, 321 Longer Board Short and 342 is the square cut


Board shorts are big with the Vuthy Collection This one has a very much Hawaiian inspired print. This is remnant of the older surf shorts to me. If there is a par that says summer these are them! This is style 320

323(1) 319(1)

Floral and tropical prints really set this line apart. The Hawaiian influence is felt in these two suits as well. They have a floral print but not too loud or crazy. The styles are 323 and 319-longer.

331(3) 318(1) 329(1) 341(1)

Speaking of Bright floral print! These definitely say summer in either Hawaii, South Beach or any tropical island you can find. They are available in a few styles including the above mentioned swim thong. To me this is one of the best pairs in the collection, the colors just pop and will look great on the beach. Styles are 331 thong, 318 bikini, 329 swim brief and 342 trunk.

332(1) 333(1) 339(1) 338(1)

In previous collections the square cut’s have played a big role in previous collections. This year they have even more geographic patterns. This one has the solid color the waist band that goes down the leg on the right side (your right if wearing). This style comes in way more colors and you can find the one that fits your mood. You can do the black/grey or maybe you want to wear something brighter such as the yellow/navy. They are simple in design but make a great statement on the beach. Styles include 332, 333, 339, 337, 338 and 336. Make sure you check all colors!

330(1) 325(1)

Swimwear should be just as fun as underwear. At times I think this should be even more so, because the world is going to see your swimwear, whereas only a select few seen your undies. Vuthy has released the dots line, the turquoise dots on a black background will be fun to wear on the beach this year! Style 330 is the thong and 325 is the swim brief.

326(1) 335(1)

As I have said the Hawaiian influence is strong in this line. If you want a floral print but not one like the orange/yellow print above, but you may like one more subdued. This one is light blue flowers on a darker background. The swim brief and trunk have different color backgrounds. Styles are 326 for swim brief and 335 for the square cut

344(1) 355(3) 350(1)

Leopard can scare many guys off. Many don’t want to bring that attention on themselves or appear that they are a throw back to the ’70’s. Vuthy updates the leopard into a fun print that will get you really noticed on the beach. This is one pair that is not for the shy, but more for the bold who wants to get the attention at the beach or pool. Styles are 344 bikini, 355 swim thong and 350 for swim brief.

366(1) 356(1)

The last pair we are going to cover is the Camo line. Camo has been very big in the world of underwear and not many designers have carried it over to Swimwear. Vuthy is taking a risk with the camo. The square cut  has the same design as the previous design we profiled but the main color is camo. The Bikini is one with same print but no extra colors. Both of these are really fun. Styles are 366 Square Cut and 356 for the Bikini.

These are only a few of the lines. The line was completely relaunched this season with new pairs. There are plenty of more bikinis, thongs and colors to see! Make sure you check them out at your favorite retailer.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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