prldOver the last few years jock straps have come into fashion not just with the guy into sports or fetish wear. Guys from all walks of life are buying them. The proof of this is that in the last two year jocks have exploded onto the scene of men’s underwear. We proclaimed the year of the jock back in 2011 and it’s been going strong ever since.

I love it when there is a company that takes a staple and puts their own spin on it. This is what C-IN2 has done with the new Grip Jock. I saw this one at Magic when I met with them and LOVED it. It’s got a pouch like a regular jock but the sides are cut out (as you see) and the leg straps attach back on the front. It also has the GRIP logo waistband that sets it off perfectly. It’s very eye catching and extremely fun. It makes you wonder who will be bold enough to wear this to the gym. This may not be for everyone but its one that is taking risks and trying something new and we applaud that!

Here is what the C-IN2 website says about the collection: Finally a true high performance moisture transport product that’s made with the comfort of cotton. In past years, high performance textiles (those that you might wear at the gym or during athletic workouts) were made only of polyester fibers. But 100% polyester garments feel 0% nice against the skin. C-IN2 utilizes a special treatment on an inner layer of cotton that, when against the skin, transfers perspiration from the inside to the outside of the garment.

The Grip Jock is only available in grey and is $24.00 at the C-IN2 website.


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