Today, I am happily reviewing my first Candyman brand undies; the “Boxer 99004”. I’ve been hoping to review Candyman for a while cause I’ve wanted to know if their quality matches their creativity. I received the sexy fire engine red pair in the mail last week, and definitely had a fun first impression. When I opened the bag at first, I didn’t actually know whether my manly bits were going to actually be visible or not, there was so much mesh netting. Not that I’m against wearing translucent front pouch underwear, but I truly didn’t get it at first. Once completely unfolded though, a pair of quite sassy underwear came into my view. The pair I got to review is a new pair by Candyman, with a front pouch in opaque black, that is set into a fire engine red panel of fabric (you can also get this boxer in a Royal Blue, and a Gunmetal Grey). However, the panel of red ends not soon after as black netting swoops in front of your hips and continues onto the entire back of the underwear, leaving your rear very visible. The boxer is a 93% polyester 7% spandex blend fabric, with a separate pouch cut and a back center seam to contour for the butt. The boxer is a longer cut than you might be used to, I would probably use the term “sport boxer” for the leg length. The black pouch looks to be a fairly standard boxer brief pouch. My worry was about the netting, cause being a seamster myself, I know that some netting just doesn’t have a good amount of stretch to it, so putting the pair on could get awkward. I’ll fill you more in later, but the netting was NOT a bad fabric.

While wearing the pair, I didn’t do too much, but I did run around to do some errands, and felt very comfortable. I wouldn’t wear this to the gym for reasons I’ll talk about later. It is a very nice loungy “bedroom” pair. I could definitely wear this on a date I think was gonna get spicy later…ya know.

I found the sizing on this to be fine. I got a Large size which according to the Candyman size chart is for a 32-34”. I usually buy whatever size a 34” falls under, and I must say, judging by the fact that I’m the higher end of the L range, I could probably wear a medium. Having said that, I am not ready to say Candyman runs large, because I think a lot of the elasticity of this pair is due to the majority of it being made out of a very flexible net. I would say for this pair, definitely you could go a lower size, but I cannot test that fact on all of Candyman until I try other pairs out.

99004(3) 99004(5)

I really like the look of this pair. I mean, I like my butt, people who get to see it do too. I think visually, it’s a really interesting idea, because the front is almost “tame” if I can say that, and then the back is just BAM! My issues are with the wearability of the garment, rather than the aesthetics.  Maybe I’ve been spoiled by the whole anatomical underwear revolution, but I’ve never been too fond of boxer briefs that have a pouch that doesn’t actually hug the genitals. What I mean is, my favorite boxer briefs are when the fabric on the outside of the pouch is snug enough that your package stays in the pouch, instead of having things run around elsewhere. The pouch on this pair doesn’t really hold my stuff in place. Because of the netting being so flexible instead of having tension, there’s not too much support UNDER the genitals, so it’s fairly open down there letting some things wander down below the pouch. I think an entirely net back is a bold idea, and it’s a very sexy idea to pull off, but my biggest issues is that the sheer area the net covers takes out a lot of the structure that would be there if a more sturdy material were covering the same area.  I must say though, this did help me recover from a fear of mesh in underwear. I bought a pair of underwear made all out of mesh from an underwear company I love, and I couldn’t even get it up my thighs. I returned it for a larger size, and couldn’t get that over my butt, it was the LEAST stretchy mesh I’d ever seen, and I think the pair would have only worked on some twinky butt that doesn’t curve as much. Getting this pair did restore my ideas about using mesh in underwear.


  • Sexy look.
  • Open breathable construction.
  • Comfortable sizing.


  • Un-supportive crotch construction.



  • Daily Fit: C
  • Sizing: B
  • Construction/Materials: B
  • Styling: B
  • Daily Performance: C
  • Overall: C+

Candyman Furnished this pair for review.


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