Me reviewing a boxer? Yep, it’s happening. Ok, so it’s not your conventional boxer. Candyman is a fun playful line of underwear. So in keeping with their brand this boxer is mostly mesh. It is basically all black mesh (96% Nylon, 4% Spandex) except for some piping along the legs and waistband. The same fabric is used for the pouch. It is made of stretch cotton. The pair I received was a green camouflage print. It also comes in a blue plaid. To be upfront as much as I loved the comfort of this garment I was not too excited about the all day adjusting I had to do while wearing it.

I think this is more of a boxer brief then boxer since its design mimics a boxer brief. The fabric is nice quality. Sometimes mesh can be itchy. Is this one? Nope. Sometimes mesh can be soft be cheap and tear easily. Is this one? Nope. Sometimes piping can be sewn incorrectly and not have stretch. This pair never felt constricting around the legs. Even big brands can mess up piping.  One big brand made a pair with piping that I thought was gonna cut my thigh open. I found the nearest pair of scissors and cut the piping. I walked around for a while with just this on. My boyfriend liked the view of my butt encased in mesh but then I had to pull them up as they were slipping down over my bubble butt. Did I get sent a large by accident? After checking the tag (which I had already cut out- ugh- i hate tags.) i saw i had a medium. I know I have been trimmed an inch or more off my waist at the gym. I have also made my giant butt and thighs even bigger. So why are these falling off?

My boyfriend wears boxers sometimes so I ask him, “Is this how these are supposed to fit?”  He told me I was just being too picky. (NEWSFLASH: I am always this picky.) I took them off and he tried them on. He was all-confident that they fit fine until he started walking and they slipped down. Ah ha! I wasn’t being picky. So to make a long story short (too late) the issue for us was the size and the waistband. There isn’t a normal elastic band that would cling to your waist. There is only the piping trim. Mesh material is very forgiving normally because it can adjust and cling to your body. Without the waist being tight enough it just hung, drooped and slipped.

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Aside from the waistband the quality of the garment is really great. Mesh can be one of the hardest materials to sew correctly. It snags easily in a machine. And surging mesh seams can show mistakes easily. So this seems to be another case of not having the right size.  If you are gonna order this to show off your butt cheeks (mesh covered butt is a hot look) get a size smaller than you would normally.

And this is another reason why this bubble butt reviewer sticks to wearing thongs. Maybe Candyman can make a line of fun undies for the big booty fellow. If they do they should call it Bubble by Candyman. I usually like the playfulness if Candyman’s design so I was sad about the poor fit but my misfortune is your gain. Order a size smaller!


  • Soft mesh
  • Nice Craftsmanship
  • Fun Design


  • No waistband to keep it up


  • Daily Fit – B-
  • Sizing – C-
  • Construction/Materials – A
  • Styling – A
  • Daily Performance  –  C-
  • Overall: B

Candyman furnished this pair for review.


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