I was a little surprised when I received the Clever Moda silver turmalina low rise brief for review.  I have tried Clever swimwear and underwear before, but they usually were too small for my ample butt, but since I’m always willing to try new things, I was more than willing to give it a go. My initial impression was a well constructed brief made of a silky feeling material—shiny grey in color—with a brief purple waistband that leave no room for doubt which brand it was. According to the tag, it was made of 63% nylon and 37% spandex—a combination in which I have never worn underwear with those proportions—and one that intrigued me. Turmalina is Spanish for tourmaline, a semi-precious gemstone, and the silver brief has an appearance similar to the schorl variety (thanks Wikipedia!). It’s also available in a gold tone as well. The brief has an outset pouch in the front and a seam running up the center of back—hopefully for enhancing all of one’s assets.

I put I decided to put it through my typical testing day—a full day of work, getting up and down quite a bit—and then a full workout at the gym. After donning it, I took at a look in the mirror and said “Damn!” This pair made me look smoking hot—nicely enhanced in front, and back; and it was comfortable and it covered my entire butt! At this point, I was more than happy I had Clever a second chance. (Check the pics out to see if you agree.)

I was impressed by the feel of the fabric—it felt like wearing nothing at all, but still being supported both front and back. The bottom did not ride up, despite an active workout in the gym and wide waist band kept everything else in place. Surprisingly, the brief breathed very well despite being part nylon, and was extremely comfortable to wear all day—so much so that I’m making this one of my new favorite pairs to wear.

I got a size medium, which fit me very well. I have a 31-32” waist and I think a small would have a little too snug. So this might be a pair to consider upsizing on when buying. Clever Moda is a Columbian brand and tends to run a bit small.

I loved the feel and look of this brief. The front is shiny and sexy, with a nice comfortable pouch that should fit even the most endowed. The spandex gives it a form-fitting quality without cutting off your circulation. The rear is almost see through—in fact you can see the tag in the pictures I posted with this—making this a good brief for daily wear and for a date as well. I certainly got plenty of looks in the locker room with this on one. My only complaint about the Tourmalina brief is the placement of the tag. It’s not on the waistband but in the center of the seam in the buttocks—and that looks strange in a see-through buttocks. On one hand, there is not tag to cause itching on your waist, but it did itch lower down. When I pulled it off, I actually tore a fabric a bit—so when you remove the tag, do it very gently. Other than that, I loved this brief.

20130414_085858 20130414_085918

I have always loved the look of Clever Moda briefs but in the past I could seem to fit my butt into them and I hate it when underwear rides up…or down. I was thrilled that this pair seemed made for me and fit me as comfortable as my other favorite pairs of underwear. The look is sexy without being cheap. In the future,  I’ll be looking to add more Clever Moda pairs to my collection in the future.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Structure enhances assets front and back
  • Feels like it is barely there


  • Tag in strange place
  • Easily torn


  • Daily fit:                         A
  • Sizing:                                    B
  • Constuction:                        A+
  • Styling:                        A+
  • Daily performance:            A+
  • Overall:                        A+

Clever furnished this pair for review


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


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