If you love 2EROS then you need to check out the SupaWear line. It’s a brand made by the great minds behind 2EROS. 2EROS is well known for their great materials, styles and construction. This is carried over to SupaWear but at a lower cost. You may think that a lower cost results in lower quality but you would be wrong! The SupaWear line is very well made and super comfortable.

The new Supa-Fly line comes in three different styles. Those styles are a trunk, brief and jock. The color range in this  line is a lot of fun. Supawear could have gone with traditional colors but they stepped outside the traditional box and made some really fun color combinations. The colors are Berries (purple), Blood Orange (a red), Forrest (green), Lemonade (yellow with a blue waistband), Sun (Yellow with a red waistband) and Sky (light blue). Note that not all colors are in each style. For instance the Sun is just in the brief. 2EROS is known to do this and not offer every color so it’s great to see this carried over to SupaWear.

The other feature I love is the new waistband. The band is made in a contrasting color from the main body. It has the SupaWear logo in the center with wings coming out from each side. For a less expensive pair of undies you wouldn’t think of having such a great looking waistband. Its often the one area that is over looked. However, Supawear didn’t over look the waistband and made it an integral part of the design.

Here is how SupaWear describes them: “The SUPA-FLY collection is deliciously designed for a fun day in your underwear. Take flight in our selection of juicy colours, featuring shiny wings on the waistband and contrast pouch ribbings.” It def lives up to this description.

Check them out at http://www.supawear.com for this and more styles


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