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We have a new reviewer here at UNB. We introduce you to our newest reviewer Tyler. here is a brief intro on him:

I grew up in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania and never really notice underwear until we went into the locker room for gym class and noticed all the different colors and styles as opposed to my plain white tighty whites. I then started to notice everyone’s underwear and what they were wearing, and still do to this day. I wear everything from boxers to thongs if they are comfortable and think its so much fun to get a new pair and try them on. I look forward to adding my voice to the review staff here at UNB.

Now on to the review

Ever since we needed to change for middle school gym I noticed that not everyone wore the same undies as I did.This progressed into high school where i wondered how some of the different jocks felt and what made them different than the ones i wore. It made me wonder how did they feel and how were they different from the ones that I wore… I guess that this curiosity has continued through today.

That feeling of gym class feeling came back to me when I opened the package. The nylon material harkened back to the shorts we all wore. I was anxious to get them on and relive those adolescence memories.   A long day of meetings awaited me at work so put them on under my suit and went to work. They reminded me of a motel 8… no ballroom. They were very snug all day… almost too snug, kept wanted to have just a ½” of more material in the front to keep the team from getting crushed. They rode very low on the waist which I found enjoyable. These were much better suited to the gym. After the day I went to the gym and they were much more of what I expected. They performed much better there and kept me from flopping out. The construction is solid and the waist band kept it from moving in any direction.

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The XL was covers a 36-38 but found they ran small in the pouch. The lower on the waist was more comfortable but then you are wearing these really low but at that point you might just want to go commando.


  • Comfortable
  • Solid construction
  • Great for the gym


  • Not much room in the front


  • Daily Fit – B-
  • Sizing  – C
  • Construction –A
  • Styling – A
  • Daily performance – B
  • Overall B

Clever furnished this pair for review


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