I was really excited when I found out I would be reviewing a D Hedral brief. I have read about them and their innovative way of fitting the buttocks called “Anglefit”. Basically, they take measurements provided by you (your waist size and your determination of whether your butt is slim, average or full), and calculate an underwear “angle” that is supposed to enhance the appearance of your hind end—135 for the skinny one, 115 degrees for average, and 95 degrees for ‘full’;. In their words: “our patented anglefit will curve closer to the bum than traditional underwear, to create unique figure hugging definition and a visibly enhanced rear.”

I have certainly have had problems with underwear in the past that was designed for skinny little bois with no butt whatsoever. Nothing bothers me more than having my butt hang out of a $20-30 pair of non-returnable underwear. So, I was definitely intrigued and excited to be asked to review the D Hedral brief.

When I got the package in the mail, I immediately ripped it open. I wanted to see this thing for myself and also check out what ideal my “angle”—95 degrees evidently.  So far so good; big butt equals smaller angle and a less steep descent over the butt. The color of the Gort brief was off white, with a white waist band, a purple triangle immediately above the center of the buttocks and an elastic band that ran down between the cheeks.

I’m not the biggest fan of myself in white or even off white, but I could live with that, as long as the fit was good. I doffed my clothes and pulled them on and checked myself out in the mirror. The brief hugged every part of me that it covered, and it covered my butt well. I was hard pressed to see any improvement in my appearance from the back, but it felt good. I took off the pair and set them out for the next day to review their performance.

My typical review day is a day of work, followed by a weight lifting work out at the gym. I was prepared to like the D Hedral brief, but I didn’t—I LOVED Them!! Although not immediately apparent, the longer I wore them, the more my butt felt “hugged” by them—for lack of a better word. It’s hard to describe, but I think many of the underwear brands out there must have a buttocks angle that is too steep for me. Wearing the Sid brief, I actually felt more energized as the day went on and had an amazing workout after work. There was absolutely no slippage or riding up at all, and yet they did not fit so tight that they cut off my circulation. The waist band was completely true to American sizing—my waist size is 31-32”. I wear a 32” Gort brief and it was perfect fit. The materials were of very good quality—83% cotton, 14% silk and 3% spandex (or elastane in European) and silk did give softness to the fabric that was noticeable.

A few other particulars: I was not and still am not a big fan of the off white color, but they have a wide range available—black, blue, green, purple, light grey, navy and white. The Gort brief is a low rise, but they have fuller ones available in their “Batty” and “Sonny” types, as well as trunks and boxerbriefs. No bikinis yet, but we can keep hoping for that. The line down the center for the buttocks does highlight your rear end without looking cheesy like some brands can. The only thing I did not like about it was the price of getting more pairs. Most of D Hedral’s non-sale items are 28 EUROS and above. They do occasionally offer free shipping, but when they don’t, it’s an additional 20 Euros to ship the US.

Given the fit, the feel, the look and quality of the their briefs, I am in love with D Hedral I may have been enthusiastic but skeptical before trying the anglefit out, but now I am a believer. I hope they open up an American shop, because if they do, I’ll be first in line.


  • Amazing Angelfit –cannot say this enough!!!
  • Quality of the material
  • Softness of the fabric


  • Cost
  • Off white color


  • Daily fit: A++
  • Sizing:  A++
  • Construction: A++
  • Styling: B
  • Daily performance: A++
  • Overall: A++

D.Hedral furnished this pair for review.


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