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The panelists discuss their experiences and recommendations for wearing swim thongs. They share their favorite swim thongs and offer advice for those who are hesitant to try them. They also talk about the importance of finding a comfortable and accepting environment to wear swim thongs. The panelists highlight the benefits of wearing swim thongs and the confidence boost they provide. They also discuss the different styles and brands of swim thongs available. The conversation revolves around the growing popularity of swim thongs among men. The participants discuss their personal experiences wearing thongs, the reasons behind the increasing acceptance of thongs, and the upcoming thongers weekends. They also share advice for those interested in trying thongs and highlight the importance of confidence and self-expression.


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  • Find a comfortable and accepting environment to wear swim thongs
  • Start with a swim thong that provides more coverage and gradually work your way to skimpier styles
  • Choose swim thongs with lining for added comfort and modesty
  • Explore different brands and styles to find what works best for you
  • Wearing swim thongs can boost confidence and provide a sense of belonging Swim thongs provide a sense of freedom and comfort, and many men find them empowering and sexy.
  • The growing popularity of swim thongs can be attributed to factors such as increased body positivity, the influence of social media, and the desire to push personal boundaries.
  • Thongers weekends are events where thong enthusiasts gather to socialize, share experiences, and explore new swimwear styles.
  • Wearing a thong can be a confidence-building experience, and it is important to remember that most people are accepting and supportive.
  • It is recommended to start with a bikini or brief and gradually transition to a thong to build confidence.
  • Shopping for swim thongs in person can be a fun and rewarding experience, as it allows for trying on different styles and brands.
  • Clearance sales in late summer are a great opportunity to stock up on swim thongs for the following year.
  • Thongers weekends provide a sense of community and the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals from different backgrounds and countries.


  • Exploring Different Brands and Styles
  • The Importance of Lining in Swim Thongs Thongers Weekends: A Gathering of Thong Enthusiasts
  • The Rise of Swim Thongs: Empowerment and Self-Expression

Sound Bites

  • “Find a spot where you feel comfortable, which is usually either a gay or gay-friendly space, an adult space, a clothing-optional space.”
  • “Start with something lined, maybe a little drawstring. And just, you know, have some fun, find some things that work for you.”
  • “Start with something that maybe has a little bigger back if you’re not trying to take little baby steps into the skimpy, skimpy world.”
  • “Just, that’s just the way it is.”
  • “I just really appreciate over the years seeing more and more guys.”
  • “Well, you could just go for a pouch.”

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