I had the ultimate pleasure of reviewing this new PPÜ brief that came into my possession. I am new to the PPÜ world, and this was a more than wonderful way to start me out. What came in the mail is this sleek little brief that prominently features this color block two-tone structure. The black fabric is a solid black matte, but the white is a unique white on white stripe with a slight texture to the striping. It comes off as a very chic pair. After doing my research, I found out the pair also comes with purple fabric replacing the white fabric.

Before trying it on, my thoughts were excited, and hopeful that nothing would FEEL bad about the pair, or that putting it on wouldn’t all of a sudden reveal that it is an awkward color blocking. The dividing line between the black and the white (because I was sent the white) hits mid-bulge, which I didn’t yet know if that would be HIGHLY attractive, or not. Looking at the seams of the underwear, it made me think putting it on was gonna be very nicely “huggy” because it had some really nice contour seams. The black is actually a flat panel on the front, with two panels in the rear (center back seam for butt contouring). The sculpting in front is due to a gentle curved dart on the bottom of the center front white, scooping right under your bulge. This connects, to a “gusset” like panel of white that goes to the low under-butt in back, where it joins up with the black again. The waistband is a woven PPÜ band with a main logo placed every few inches, and then LITTLE logo trailing like a top and bottom border on the band. There is a sewn in woven fabric label on the center back, which you’ll read later, is my ONLY real negative moment with this review.

Once I tried the pair on, I studied the way the color-blocked line was placed, and I must say, PPÜ took a risk putting a line there, but it really works. Sadly, my day I wore these consisted of me grabbing a lot of heavy stuff, putting in my car, then driving for 2 hours, stopping, picking more stuff up, driving 5 more hours, taking all the stuff up three flights of stairs, and then promptly taking all my clothes off so I could shower the sweaty mess that I was. The day showed how the undies would hold up in two situations, the sitting for long periods of time activity, and the running around hauling things and getting sweaty activity. This pair was a trooper for both. During the hauling parts, it was super comfortable, giving me support through all the flights of stairs. During the sitting part, I didn’t experience any discomfort, no lowering back band to pull up, or adjustments around the thighs. While it’s not one of those pairs that literally slides under your junk and pulls it up like you’re over a ledge, this pair has a very nice supportive pouch. The only negative I ever noticed, and it was rarely noticed, is the woven sewn in tag in back got randomly itchy a few times during the day, but then I got distracted by life and forgot.

According to PPÜ’s sizing chart. I’m at the VERY top of the Large, which is the size I was sent, or at the very bottom of the XL. Having said that, I found it super comfy, and not at all “too snug” so I would say if you straddle the sizes, definitely go down a size, not up. The care instructions say to only hand wash and air dry. As it’s a 93% Nylon 7% spandex blend. I decided to do what I do to my entire wardrobe (basically my entire wardrobe is a blend of nylon and spandex….#trapezeartist) and stick it in the washing machine with everything else on cold water only, then put in the dryer on medium heat. It is absolutely fine. I don’t like underwear that needs too much “care”. I like my underwear like I like my men…dry, good looking, filled with greatness, and strong. But I digress…

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I really love this pair, and I kind of want to buy the purple option for myself as well. And then pray that I get sent more PPÜ to review, since this was a VERY good first impression. If only they could just print the tag on or something, that sewn in tag was KILLIN me, cause it was top stitched rather than integrated into the back waistband seam. Another random thing I probably only care about because I’m a seamster, but I think they could have taken the extra second to line up the MAIN logo on the waistband with the center front. It’s not a singular logo band, but the logos have a space of about 6” apart between them, so the slightly off center one in front almost looks like the only logo if you’re looking dead on, which makes you go crazy wondering why it’s not centered.


  • The line of the color blocking was a risk that seriously paid off.
  • Amazing fit, hugging just the way I want.


  • Limited color range.
  • ANNOYING top stitched tag.


  • Daily Fit  – A+
  • Sizing  – B (because I would have probably ordered up a size if I didn’t know)
  • Construction/Materials – B- (tag)
  • Styling – A
  • Daily Performance – A+
  • Overall: – A

PPU furnished these for review.



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