Fashion jocks are one of those trends in men’s underwear that I don’t think is going to end. No longer made for sports or fetish, but for fun and fashion.. Candyman underwear is all about fun. I mean, one of their things they are known for is making costume underwear! This year the collection features a lot of florescent colors and prints. The pair we are featuring the Multicolor Jockstrap.

This jock was one of the first pairs in the collection that caught my eye. It’s not just for the colors. Which is a really fun print, but the design. The straps start just to the side of the pouch and wraps around. The waistband and leg straps are black which really contrasts the bright pattern. It makes the a pair just pop. The front has the profile of a brief rather then a jock. Meaning it’s not just a pouch but the material wraps around the waist.

Made out of 91% polyester, 9% spandex stretch microfiber. It will be super comfy and really make a statement. The question is where will you wear it. It does glow under black lights, so maybe you want this seen by many or maybe just a few. If you’re a fan of jocks and colors I would say this is a must buy!

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