Marek+Richard is one company that marches to it’s own drummer. They always create really fun and creative lines. They have done it again with the XTASY line. It’s bright, fun and will spice up what ever you are wearing.

Here’s what Marek+Richard say about the line: Luv the nightlife in Marek+Richard’s latest line: XTASY! Inspired by Club kids, rave culture, and the underground music scene the XTASY collection is the perfect way to electrify your current wardrobe. Featuring neon mesh pieced with black accents, the collection is sure to show your true colors. So GO GO ahead, hit the floor with XTASY and lose yourself cuz we know that’s how you roll 😉

Find this an other fun collections at the Marek+Richard site. Its definitely not for the shy but if you want something bold and fun check them out.


xtasy_4 xtasy_5



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