$_58It is no surprise to anyone who reads UNB that I have always been a fan of thongs.  I love the sexy look and the feeling they give me.  To me it is not a feminine pair of underwear.  One brand of thongs that I have always admired but never worn was Clever.  There is something about the way these thongs look on the model that is so mesmerizing.  I only hoped I would be able to do them justice as those models do for them.

I finally received my first Clever thong and it was the blue Desert Thong.  They are as beautiful in person as in the pictures!  One thing that I love about Clever is how bold and large their waistband font is.  It wraps around the waist with a presence that is so demanding and powerful.  The thong features a cool wave design on the pouch in a blue on blue color scheme.  The material is a nylon, spandex combination that is lightweight and feels good against the skin.  The back of the thong is a wider Y shape that is appealing, especially for guys who are not a fan of the string like backs.  It adds a little more coverage and appeal on the backside.

I slipped the pair on and decided to take them for a test run over the weekend.  I noticed the waistband was tighter than a lot of my pairs I own.  After getting myself adjusted into the thong, I also could tell that the front pouch was not as roomy as other underwear I have worn before.  With that being said, this thong may not be for the well endowed man or you may want to try the next size up and see if you get additional room.  Although the thong was tighter in some areas than I am used to, it was not an uncomfortable wear.  I wore it for errands, lunch, and chores58850269_o1 around the house.  The back of the thong felt really great and I love the extra fabric at the top that holds the top of the bottom nicely.  The thong held up well on my day and I did not feel much discomfort.  At times I could feel the tightness of the waistband but not enough to make me want to take them off.

Overall this is a great looking thong.  It is probably one of my best looking thongs in design.  As far as comfort, it would not be my #1 go to for when I want to wear a thong but would definitely be in my top 5.  If there could be a little more room for comfort in the front pouch and a slightly looser waistband, then there may be a different story.


  • Back design
  • Signature waistband
  • Soft material


  • Small front pouch
  • Tight waistband


  • Daily Fit = 8
  • Sizing = 7
  • Construction/Materials = 8.5
  • Styling = 8.5
  • Daily Performance = 8
  • Overall = 8

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