2204Clever is one of the Latin brands that always creates fun collections. It ranges from classic cuts to fun colors to super sexy materials. There is something for everyone in a Collection. The collections are usually divided into swimwear, boxer briefs, thongs/jocks, briefs and tanks. It’s an interesting mix but it works for them. Under each collection you can have classic stylish cuts to super wild ones that is made out of mesh!

Here is the official description of the new line: “CLEVER rolls out yet another collection bursting with vivid South American style. This collection features a variety of sporty fabrics such as athletic mesh stretch cotton and high-stretch microfiber designed for the active guy as well as a nice lineup of shall we say flashier fabrics intended for the guy who appreciates his underwear. All in all CLEVER s approach to provide something for the everyman–that is a guy with multiple underwear needs–is wildly successful”

We are going to focus on a few of the newer swim, boxers/trunks, thongs, briefs and tanks. This will be a quick overview but not of the entire collection. To see the entire collection go to the GDD World Clever 2015-1 Page for every pair.

Swimwear – Here are a few of the new pairs we think you should check out!


Clever 0585 in Blue – A fun swim brief with a solid white waistband

0589 (4)

0589 – A swim Brief in basic black is never out of style!

0591 (2)

0591 – Not every guy wants a swim brief so these pattern trunks could be prefect for  beach day

0592 (2)

0592 – A fun swim brief that is low rise and contrasting color blocks


2215 (2)

2215 – Looking for boxers with some great colors this line comes in 4 colors that are more like muted day glow!

2216 (2)

2216 -What would a Clever collection be without mesh. This has mesh sides and a mesh strip around the top in the back. Also available in black

2217 (2)

2217 – Are you a fan of stripes then check out this pair. Made with a contour pouch and available in 2 color combos

2218 (2)

2217 – Maybe you want more subtle stripes, this pair has smaller stripes and is available in 2 colors combinations

2220 (2)

2220 – Last of the boxer is a metallic boxer available in 4 colors.  I love the blue the best!


1221 (4)


1221 – This pair fits in with other pairs in the collection. I love the blue color but it is also available in gold

1212 (4)

1212 – This is a classic thong that Clever does. A branded clever waistband pouch and string it’s simple but a classic of Clever


5214 (3)

5214 – This pair is similar to the mesh boxer brief above but in brief from The mesh stripe in back makes it a little more fun.

5220 (4)

5220 – This is the brief version of the boxer brief above. It’s a cool pair, above is the blue and this is the plum

5221 (4)

5221 – If you love the thong above but want it in a brief then you are in luck. Its the same cut in front but a full back. Also in gold

5222 (5)

5222 – Clever always makes super fun patterned fabrics such as this pair. It looks like a simple black brief but when you look closer there is a pattern!


7025 (3)

7025 – If you love matching tanks and underwear then you are in luck with this collection. You can match the 2215 Boxer brief with this tank

Longer Boxers

9002 (6)

9002 – If you are a fan of long boxers, Clever has a new longer boxer collection. I love the green but it has a few colors in this collection

9003 (4)


9003- Looking for a longer boxer in a nylon spandex boxer this is the pair for you.

9020 (3)

9020 – If you wanted the metallic pair in a longer boxer you are in luck I think this looks amazing as a longer boxer

We hope you enjoyed this overview. You can find a lot more on Clever at the GDD World Site. You can find it at many retailers online, but if you can’t shop Candyman Fashion for every pair of Clever and GDD World sells!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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